10 Best sunscreens recommended by dermatologists in India[2020]

It was a conception earlier that sunscreen had to be used only to safeguard against the sun’s harmful rays. But now we are very well aware that sunscreen has to be worn almost every time of the day and during every season to guard your skin from external damage.

There is so much talk about finding the best sunscreen for your skin but most of the people have little knowledge of the best sunscreen brands that offer maximum value of money against best beauty benefits for their skin. The best sunscreen recommended by dermatologists in India is known to have a broad spectrum in mineral or chemical formulations. They provide protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays that are emitted from the sunlight as well as environmental effects.

Other than the protection parameters the sunscreen is known to provide a smooth texture coating to the skin so that the skin can look hydrated and moisturized. The user has to identify what SPF (sun protection factor) he or she needs to use for their skin types. Usually, SPF 30 is considered to be a basic parameter. You can choose sunscreen with higher SPF according to your exposure, for example, going out in the market, etc.

Our experts have researched through the internet on the basis of reviews and usage parameters to find out the best sunscreen lotion in India. You must take advantage of this highly endeared research and nominate the best products for your skin type here:

1. RE' EQUIL Oxybenzone and Zero-Omc Sunscreen for Oily, SPF 50 PA+++

RE' EQUIL Oxybenzone and Zero-Omc Sunscreen for Oily, SPF 50 PA+++

This sunscreen is specially formulated for acne-prone, oily skin which is sensitive to harsh chemicals and the effects of pollution on the environment. It is termed to be full day wear sunscreen that works best with one application itself. This sunscreen offers protection from harmful sunrays for approximately 6 hours a day. Here are a few benefits of using this particular sunscreen. The sunscreen provides matte finishing to the screen with ultra-light touch and experience. The cream provides non-comedogenic effect to the skin. The paraben-free formula of this product has been beneficial for skin usage in the long run.


  • This sunscreen is ultimately light to put on the screen and does not provide you with heaviness or puffiness on the cheeks
  • One single application of this sunscreen is going to protect you from skin hazards for the whole day (at least 6 hours).
  • Best sunscreen for acne-prone skin in India Can be used best for oily and sensitive skin.
  • It gives ultimate matte finish look to the skin SPF 50 is a relatively high skin protection factor


  • Very expensive as compared to other sunscreens not very suitable for dry skin

Why will you like this?

You will like this product for its smooth and matte finish in the first place. Secondly, the non-comedogenic formula is very effective for sensitive skin and provides long-lasting sun protection in one application itself.

2. Glenmark La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 and Dermatologist Tested

Glenmark La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40

La Shield is a well-known brand in sunscreen segment. It provides protection in a broad spectrum. Unlike various other sunscreens that try to provide you dry and matte look, this skin is known to perk up the hydration and moisturizing of skin. The sunscreen comes in 40 SPF gel version which is most suitable for all skin types. Although the product comes at a very high price the effect produced by it is nonirritant and waterproof. This is a formula that does not contain any preservatives, alcohols, and dyes. Also, there are no additives of colors to make it more flattering for the user. La Shield is a user-friendly and smooth formula which is designed to suit everyone.


  • Waterproof sunscreen i.e. can sustain your sweat for a given time
    Keeps your skin hydrated
  • Dermatological tested
  • Produces oil-free look


  • Need to be reapplied every 2 hours
  • Very expensive product

Why will you like this?

This is an oil-free formula that provides high sun protection factor i.e. 40 SPF. You can stay assured about it non-oiliness and no greasiness because it is a gel formulation. It does not contain any additives, alcohols and other chemicals that could have otherwise been harmful to the skin. It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the best-medicated sunscreen India.

3. Truderma SPF-50 Sunscreen Gel

Truderma SPF-50 Sunscreen Gel

Truderma is much more than merely a sunscreen gel. It promises to provide skin brightening effects along with anti-aging actives in its formulation. This formula provides waterproof impact to the skin along with stick-proof and preservatives-proof preparation. Generally Truderma mixes well with all makeup types and can be used on any skin type as well.

As mentioned in the top of the packing itself, the sunscreen is known to reduce the wrinkles and their effects on the skin. It is one of the best daily use products for skin if you do not want to wear make-up through the day time. The ultimate experience of Truederma is the matte finish it leaves after application.


  • Matte finish with soft and supple skin
  • Has good effects on lightening the skin and reducing the depth of wrinkles if used in the rain age
  • It can easily blend with all types of skin.
  • There have been no complaints of greasiness, stickiness from the users


  • Super expensive sunscreen

Why will you like this?

Usually, this product is good for wearing with makeup as it can get blended into the skin at a faster pace. This sunscreen is good to use and easy to blend with most of the skin types, it has a few other factors that ascertain betterment of the skin- fights aging, lightening of skin.

4. ​Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 50+


Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 50+

It is one of the most loved sunscreens from a very well known brand of cosmetics and skincare products. Neutregan sunscreen will leave you impressed with its after-feel effects. It comes with a really high SPF content that will ensure the protection from all types of harmful UV rays. It can be worn in extreme winters too for safeguarding your skin against winter tan.

Neutrogena sun-block cream provides the ultimate balance between skin aging as well as skin protection against harmful radicals present in the atmosphere. This sunscreen comes with ultra-unique dry touch technology which gives a light and matte finish to your face.


  • It leaves your skin oil-free and waterproof to feel fresh for a long time
    High SPF offers high protection from harmful sun rays and weather conditions
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used by both men and women
  • Dry touch attribute provides a matte-like effect on the skin
    Decently priced


  • Hardly any

Why will you like this?

You will love this product for almost every possible reason. It comes in various sizes and you can even buy a clutch friendly version of 30 ml cream. The matte finish is ready to be used at any point of time in the day. The application is so easy that you will need only 1 minute to figure out what needs to be done when the skin has dried out because of tiredness in the middle of a hectic day.

5. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel, SPF 50

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel, SPF 50

Lotus herbals sunscreen matte Gel comes in very attractive packaging of bright orange color tube. The gel-based sun protection coating is usually transparent and leaves a delicate floral aroma. The texture of this sunscreen is very smooth and provides a very even spread all through the face and neck. Unlike many other sunscreens that will make you appear extra white on application, this one only provides a lasting clear skin and freshness on the face. Its soothing effects are another advantage that makes it one of the most liked products by the customers.

As we mentioned that it is a gel-based formula so you need not worry much about its blending. It blends well and easily with almost every skin type. The product claims to provide oil-free skin for approximately 4 hours. You can wear it under makeup too as it does not make your skin look dry and scaly on application.


  • Gel formulation blends easily with every skin type
  • Does not make your skin dry
  • Can be worn with makeup as well
  • You can do its application even without looking into the mirror
  • Clear and fresh skin with water base effects
  • Suits every skin type but mainly for normal to oily skin


  • Not suitable for dry skin in general
  • If you will do too much application and forget to massage it to blend in the skin, the gel starts peeling off



Biotique is a brand that has worn the image of “farm to table” food in cosmetics and skin products in India. Biotique Bio Sandalwood sunscreen safeguards skin with a very broad range of sun protection factor - 50 SPF. There are manifold benefits of using this sunscreen product for your skin. It helps in reducing the signs of aging, fighting cancer germinating cells on skin, warns off the harmful effects of sun rays.

The product is known to be free of any chemicals and completely organic. Those who want their skin to get freshness and protection of nature must try this amazing sunscreen from Biotique. 


  • Blended with natural products such as pure sandalwood, wheat germ, saffron, the bark of arjun tree and honey
  • Keeps your skin healthy from inside, soft and moisturized
  • High Sun Protection Factor: 50 SPF
  • Water-resistant and sweat proof
  • Suits every skin type


  • Didn't found any

Why will you like this?

You can go on to use this product for years without having to worry about your skin for everything else. It protects your skin not only against harmful sun rays and UV rays but also provides internal nourishment to your skin cells. Up to a large extent, it will safeguard your skin from damaging cancerous cells too! It will significantly make your skin soft, supple and youthful. What else can one expect from a sunscreen? In fact it offers more than it!

7. Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel

Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel

This attractive sea green color packing of Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunblock Gel comes with a natural formula that blends easily with the skin. This product is very useful for those who have an oily type of skin. Its application gives you smooth, ultra-light effect on the skin. The mild SPF content is for those who do not need to step out much often from their interiors.

Aroma Magic sunscreen does not emit any particular smell as most of the ingredients used in its formulation are natural and suitable for skin. Even those with mild sensitive skin can use this sunscreen without having to worry about the side effects.


  • The herbal form of product, completely free of harmful chemicals, paraben, oxybenzone, alcohol, and other products.
  • Offers sun protection along with nourishment of skin with essential nutrients and vitamins such as B5, C, E
  • Fights the signs of aging and keeps your skin hydrated for long hours
    Aloe vera, known for skin benefits, is an essential ingredient for purifying and hydrating the skin
  • Suitable for both men and women


  • Does not offer protection in extreme sun rays as the SPF is more suitable for interiors environment

Why will you like this?

You are certainly going to LOVE this product! It helps in getting rid of acne, signs of aging and dryness. It is one of the best sunscreens for acne-prone skin in India. It provides a smooth, nonsticky finish to your skin for as long as it stays there. You can use it for every skin type and be comfortable in your own skin at any point of day without wearing any makeup. If you are working in an office or school/college etc. where you may not have to be exposed to harsh weather conditions, this Aroma Magic Sunscreen Gel is the best product for your subtle skincare.

8. Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50

The Lakme Sun Expert sunscreen comes in ultra-matte lotion formulation. It provides protection against the harmful UV rays but leaves your skin non-greasy, non-sticky, non-pealed! It leaves a lightweight effect and one of the promising sunscreen lotions to help you in beating the climatic conditions at best. People who have oily skin, which is a common problem during topical weather conditions, must resort to this sunblock protection that offers broad-spectrum safeguarding of 50+ SPF content. It easily blends into the skin and provides matte finish to the face.

The texture of the lotion is somewhat like gel and releases a soothing aroma to keep your senses energetic.


  • Provides matte finish to the skin along with nonsticky, non oily effects
    Best suitable for oily skin type people
  • Can be used in harsh, hot and humid weather conditions
  • The cream gives feathery light effect and can be used through the day
    Helps in preventing skin from sunburns, tanning, dark spots and aging.
  • Dermatological tested and trusted by a wide customer base because of its established brand name
  • Comes in various sizes of packing


  • Leaves a whitish impact in the initial 5-8 minutes. However, it blends well after that.
  • Mostly suitable for oily skin only

Why will you like this?

Lakme sun expert has proven its credentials in this segment and therefore deserves to be mentioned in one of the best sunscreen lotions in India. Undoubtedly, this product not only helps in sun protection but also helps in reducing the signs of dryness and suntan from the skin.

9. WOW Anti Pollution SPF40 Water Resistant No Parabens & Mineral Oil Sunscreen Lotion

WOW Anti Pollution SPF40 Water Resistant No Parabens & Mineral Oil Sunscreen Lotion

If you are looking for an all the year-round product for your skin, WOW has come up with a paraben-free mineral-based sunscreen lotion for you!

It comes in a very easy to use packaging and offers anti-pollution, anti UV rays mask to the skin. It is a broad-spectrum sunscreen product that provides water-resistant, long-lasting sun protection with High SPF of 40. The skin is a very sensitive tissue which reacts admissibly with harmful pollutants around us. This sunblock formula is clinically tested and is manufactured from the extracts of bioactive plants. It is highly effective in saving your skin against smog, pollution, smoke, sun rays, fuel exhaust, and environmental radicals.


  • Comes with a smooth texture and lightweight application effects
    Releases pleasant smell like fruits and feels soft on the skin
    Offers protection against harmful environmental pollutants and sun rays
  • Can wear it smoothly in any condition
  • Effective in improving the texture of the skin as well the complexion over a period of time. It wards off the tanning too with regular usage.
  • Natural ingredients such as licorice extract and Vitamin B3 help in raising the immunity of the skin.


  • Expensive in price as compared to other brands

Why will you like this?

You are getting sun protection, skin nourishment, environmental protection, safeguard against pollution- all under one cap- there is no reason that you need to look elsewhere now! One of best sunscreen lotions in India, WOW has been able to influence significant number of people with this product.

10. Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60

Jovees Argan Sun Guard Lotion SPF 60

Jovees may not be a very popular brand like Lakme, Lotus but it has been there in the market since quite a significant time. We have picked up this moisturizing lotion in our list for its argan oil content. There are other natural extracts that contribute to the formulation of this sun guard lotion by Jovees. It comprises of Green Tea, Argan Oil extracts, chamomile and calendula extracts that are completely essential oil nutrients for the skin.

Another very attractive point is the high SPF content of 60 SPF which is quite significant in today’s time. The sunscreen is incredibly effective in protecting your skin against sun exposure and provides nourishing properties to the skin.


  • It offers water resistance formulation with completely herbal ingredients
  • Consists of skin natural essentials such as Argan Oil, Chamomile, Green Tea Extracts, Calendula and other natural extracts
  • Provides broad spectrum 60 SPF protection
  • Helps in nourishing and protecting the skin against harmful weather conditions


  • Some people complain of its overpowering fragrance ( at the same time some admire it, so it totally depends on the perception)

Why will you like this?

Jovees Sunscreen is light in consistency and gets easily absorbed in your skin. So if you have been looking for a lightweight formula that can even help your skin against harmful sun rays, here is your pick. 60 SPF is a commendable protection feature for most of the weather conditions that we usually dwell into!

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