6 Simple Tiffin recipes for 6 days!

“What should I pack for Tiffin today?”

A mother has a lot to do in her children’s school going activities. From maintaining their uniform, books and report cards to their nutrition portion- all need to be managed by us!

One of the challenging tasks among these is- what to pack for Tiffin today! Ain’t it? Most of the children being fussy about eating food, you have to strive with maintaining the balance of providing varieties as well as healthy potion to be packed in their meal boxes.

In this article, you will find 6 such yummy dishes for 6 days in a week that your children will enjoy eating and help you in beating the mundane Tiffin routine!

  1. Beetroot paratha with curd and aloo chutney:

Beetroot Paratha:

  • Grate the beetroot finely or simply put it in grinder and make a paste of it (no need to add water to it).
  • Knead your dough in beetroot puree. Add salt, ajwain at the time of kneading. Make simple and healthy parathas.

Aloo Chutney:

  • Take 2-3 boiled and peeled potatoes. Add salt and other spices (mango powder, coriander powder, dry ginger powder, chilli powder) to taste.
  • Grind them along add along 1-2 tsp curd and a few coriander leaves while grinding.

Aloo chutney is ready.

A perfect preparation for healthy Tiffin!

  • Toast with Veggies:

Just like you make bread pakoras, these delicious toast are made with little frying in our own desi ghee!

We believe that children need a little fat and good quality carbohydrates to grow up well. Therefore, we include shallow frying in this recipe.

  • Boil the vegetables of your choice including potatoes.
  • Mesh them up together. Add some mandatory spices as per your kid’s taste (salt, pepper, coriander powdr, chaat masala)
  • Cut the bread piece in 2 slices and wrap the mixture on both the sides. If you find it difficult in binding you can use a little gram flour in the mixture.
  • Shallow fry in pure desi ghee or just cook both the sides in a mildly greased non stick pan.

Pack them with ketchup or some homemade chutney that your children enjoy.

  • Stuffed paranthas:

One of the easy-peesy recipes and quick to go recipes!

  • Just boil the vegetables of your choice- carrot, peas, potatoes, cauliflower, spinach- are the most popular choices.

We recommend that you boil these vegetables after peeling and washing. Once they boil, keep them aside and use this water to knead soft dough. This way you save the useful nutrients from being flushed away with water.

  • Mesh the vegetables and add adequate spices.
  • Roll a small portion of dough with your hands and stuff it with veggie mix. Cover it well with the surrounding dough and use rolling pin to flatten in the form of parantha. You can use oil or dry flour to flatten it properly.
  • Cook on Tawa with ghee.

Sprinkle some chaat masala on the top of it and pack it well for your little masters!

  • Veggies and gram flour pancakes:

Pancakes are favourites of most of the children! Let us give them some healthy twist and make them Tiffin Ready.

  • Chop the vegetables into very small pieces.
  • Take gram flour in a mixing bowl. Add some salt, mango powder, chilli powder to it. Use water to make a smooth paste for pancake.
  • Now add the chopped vegetables to this glam flour mix.
  • Meanwhile, heat Tawa on medium flame and sprinkle some oil or ghee on it. Spread the mix on tawa with spatula and cook on both the sides uniformly.

Healthy, tasty Tiffin is ready in no time!

  • Sweet wheat Pankcake:

This is another version of Pancake which is quite traditional in various states of India. It is cooked in pure desi ghee and tastes very yummy.

  • Take wheat flour in a large bowl. Add sugar to it. Make a smooth batter with adequate water.
  • Heat the Tawa on medium flame. When it is sufficiently hot, put some ghee, spread the portion of batter on it and cook like a pancake.

And ta-da! Something very appetizing and healthy for children is ready to be packed.

  • Halwa (Pudding):

Pudding is very well known recipe and one of the quickest to make for Tiffin. However we can add variety to it by using different flour combinations.

The most popular and healthy ones are here:

  • Only wheat flour halwa
  • Multigrain flour halwa
  • Sooji halwa
  • Besan (gram flour) halwa
  • Sooji+ wheat flour halwa
  • Ragi halwa

Recipe of each of them is similar as:

  • Dry roast the flour in a pan. Add ghee to it and let it cook for some more time.
  • Then add some water and sugar (you can use milk to make a kheer like consistency of pudding)
  • Add raisins of your choice.

Halwa –the traditional Indian auspicious delight is a wonderful Tiffin recipe.

Only thing to be kept in mind is to use the ghee only adequate enough so that it doesn’t flow out of their Tiffin boxes.

If you want to contribute and give away your own recipes or recipes ideas, please feel free to comment or write to us at: vthewomen2017@gmail.com We would love to hear from you!

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