Be the one

There are times in life when being strong is the only option we are left with! We realise what lies within us when the testing times come forth, but why only then?

A strong woman is the need of time in the modern contemporary world. She may not subjugate to the unmindful family traditions but she is the one who can lay foundations for her children’s well being- morally, physically and mentally. She is the one who will not satisfy the prevalent unrealistic egos around her because she will always know that she is being looked upon as an ideal by her daughter to be alike and her own son to manifest the kind of woman he will have in his life!

Defining what is strong for you have to start from within! Some of us have bigger struggles to deal with and that makes us what we are today. At the same time, there are others who do not know what has to define them into being a lady of strength and high moral character.

Do little things with children and lead them by example, as little as, reducing your own screen/mobile time when your child is around! Although children these days hardly get any time to think over their acts, and brain activities take a setback, there is so much to learn from technical advancements. But dear mothers are you not just handing over a monster to your child just because you want to keep him quiet for sometime- every now and then? What are you creating? It is not really important to be on phone and please your friends and family when a little life wants your time and attention.

There are situations that children see at home. Parents find it easy to walk away when they have contrasting view over situations, but who will tell them that there are ways to reconcile. Being strong is more of a virtue to bend and bond. It is easier to hate than to love and that is why- you only can teach your children to move past small differences in life. Lead them into strong humans with high grounds and not mere puppets to their drives and unregulated emotions.

Being a woman of strength and character, you need to let them see how you maintain your dignity by neither shouting nor blaming those who cause you hurt. You only can teach them what it takes to understand that they do not need to pick up every stone that comes their way, at the same time you have to earn a shot whenever it is needed rightfully.

It is you who will nurture your children with all physical activities by paying attention to your own health and well being. Letting them being adorned by nature is possible only when you make sure you spend quality time with them outdoors and not just by hiring a maid to take your children out for a walk!! It is good to have resources and being able to utilize them, but there is much more what it takes to be a mother of strength and substance. Would you like to be the one?

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