Best air coolers in India

Summers are here and we must be ready to embrace the hot simmering temperatures interfering with our actions, thoughts, and living! Thanks to the technology that has come up with relieving measures to provide such useful solutions to most of the climatic problems. Air coolers are like a means of survival in India when you have to find a solution to scorching heat within a budget. The best air cooler in India will be able to provide you with the best services such as cool air, efficiency in the consumption of electricity, and effective working for a longer duration.

Although air conditioners are considered a better option for summers they consume a large amount of electricity that causes a big blow on the monthly electricity bill. Air coolers require lesser space and can be easily moved or shifted in most of the cases. Unlike the previous models of air coolers, most of the latest models are smart, light in weight, and operated by remote. So, in a way, they make your life far easier than any other device. Modern companies have come with radical designs that not only enhance your comfort but also make a beautiful addition to the decor of your home settings.

If you are looking forward to buying an effective air cooler for the upcoming summers, here is a list of 10 best air coolers in India to help you with buying decisions.

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler (White)- for Medium Room

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-litres Personal Air Cooler (White)- for Medium Room

Bajaj Electricals is one of the renowned air cooler brands in India. Many households endorse and enjoy their quality products that not only offer value for money but also offer the latest technology feature at optimum prices. It is an Indian brand that gives it the advantage of connecting well with the needs of Indian customers. it ensures that you get a high delivery of air along with featuring a big water tank that does not require fast filling. This air cooler comes with hexacool technology that intends to deliver maximum cooling to the users with very less consumption of water.


  • It offers super air delivery to throw air up to 70 feet, provides the most efficient cooling during peak summers
  • 36 Ltr. large tank to ensure long duration cooling
  • Hexacool technology to ensure minimum consumption of water and maximum delivery of air
  • Turbofan technology soothes the air quality
  • Features 3-speed control for fan
  • Caster wheels ensure its easy mobility
  • Easily removable pads


  • In peak summers, you may have to refill the cooler 2-3 times a day with water for better cooling

Why will you like this?

The performance of this air cooler has been up to the mark especially with its four-way air deflection feature. It consumes minimal power of 100Watts and can work on inverter too. During the summer season when the electricity supply starts deflecting often, you need a device that can work on an inverter. Its small compact design is an additional feature to appreciate.

2. Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads

Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads

If you are trying to buy an energy-efficient air cooler from a branded company, you must look into the products by Crompton brand. A well-known brand that assures quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, Crompton desert air coolers have come up with an energy efficient solution to beat the heat this summer. You would want to explore its power-packed features that offer a lifestyle experience to the users.


  • Improved water retention with a wood wool cooling pad
  • 4200 m3/hr air delivery- best cooling performance
  • Separate ice chambers to keep ice cubes
  • 75 ltr huge capacity of the water tank
  • Sleek and portable design
  • Can be effective up to 500 sq ft distance
  • Four-way air deflection featuring motorized louvers
  • Can function on an inverter’s power
  • Fiber body is durable and stays rust-free
  • Exteriors are smooth and easy to be cleaned and wiped


  • Produces a lot of sounds while operating

Why will you like this?

You will like this product in the first look for its sturdy-looking outer body with a sleek and attractive design. On usage you will find the air quality to be superior and cooling to be effective- these are the primary requirements from any air cooler. Other than that, its huge tank capacity and energy-efficient features add to the reasons to make it one of your wisest purchase decisions.

3. Bajaj DC2015 43-litres Desert Room Air Cooler

Bajaj DC2015 43-litres Desert Room Air Cooler

Here is another Bajaj air cooler on our list with its great features and performance! It is perfectly suitable for hot summer conditions and can be accommodated in various room spaces comfortably. It is equipped with features of utmost importance such as speedy air delivery and large water tank. Such air coolers offer sustained cooling parameters that are effective in simmering climatic conditions. It comes with modern technology for efficient cooling and castor wheels to make it easily moveable throughout the house or office area.


  • Large water tank capacity of 43 Ltr.
  • Easily removable pads for cleaning, wood wool cooling media
  • A 3-sided cooling pad for better cooling
  • 3-way speed control and 4-way air deflection
  • Easily moveable with castor wheels
  • Comes with a warranty of 1-year


  • It needs cross ventilation to work effectively. Not ideal for completely closed spaces.

Why will you like this?

It is a decent product with adequate water tank capacity and efficient cooling. The ice chamber can be utilized to be filled with ice to provide cool air during the peak summer season. Its turbo fan technology enhances user experience and provides relief from outside heat.

4. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler 12-litres, Multistage Air Purification, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Powerful Air Throw & Low Power Consumption (White)

If your recent search is mostly about- “Which is the best cooler in India?”, we want to bring this product in your notice. The brand “symphony” is known to manufacture high performing tower air coolers for various room sizes. Diet 12T comes in a sleek design and compact formation. It throws air at high speed and keeps your room cool during the peak summer season. It comes in a beautiful design that makes your living area’s decor soothing and trendy too. there is an ice-chamber for putting ice and water level indicator to let you know the status of water in the water tank. There are many features with later technology to ascertain you of its performance and quality measures.


  • Cool flow dispenser evenly distributes water for a better cooling experience
  • Dura pump technology enhances the longevity of cooler
  • Consumes very low power and thus works on lower operating cost
  • Honeycomb cooling pads to retain water for a longer duration
  • Castor wheels for mobility
  • Multistage air-purification filters, powered by effective i-pure technology, allergy filter, smell filter, bacteria filter, dust filter, etc- to ensure fresh air being circulated 
  • Easy control knobs for speed of fan, cooling, and swing


  • Users have shown concerns towards lack of customer service

Why will you like this?

You will like this product in the range of coolers as it can throw effective air. It performs the functions of throwing cool, filtered air to make the environment of the room soothing and comfortable. Although the functions of AC are not performed and expected from Diet 12T, it works effectively for one medium-sized room in Indian household structures.

5. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres

Another product from the house of the symphony- Symphony Ice Cube 27 is a perfect room cooler that comes with 3 sided honeycomb cooling pads. It functions with low noise levels and suits all climatic conditions aptly. It is appropriate for a medium-sized living area or a large room, outdoors, or office space. It is powered by i-pure technology to provide multistage filters such as- bacteria filter, allergy filter, dust filter, smell filter, and PM 2.5 wash filter- to provide fresh and clean air to the users.


  • Equipped with cool flow dispenser to evenly distribute water
  • Longevity ensured with dura pump technology
  • Consumes low power
  • It can be used in interiors as well as exterior space.
  • Has a capacity of 27 liters
  • Effective 3 sides honeycomb cooling pads
  • Powered by i-pure technology with multistage filters
  • Easy to operate dial-knob controls for speed, swing, and cooling features
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year on the date of invoice


  • Its filter needs to be changed from time to time.

Why will you like this?

Symphony Ice Cube 27 comes with a beautiful and stylish design. It throws cool and effective air at a good speed in an adequate room size. Although you may have to refill the water tank after continuous usage you will appreciate it’s functioning such as a multistage air filter to give you clean, fresh, and cool air during peak summers.

6. Voltas Grand 52E Desert Cooler - 52 liters

Voltas Grand 52E Desert Cooler - 52 liters

Voltas Grand all-in-one desert cooler is loaded with a variety of features and a large tank capacity of 52 liters. During peak summer conditions, you need a cooler to take a soothing afternoon nap or be able to concentrate on your daily life tasks without disturbance. Its cooling pads are highly efficient and help in providing air across the room with uniform distribution. You can enjoy continual cooling without having to worry about refilling the tank for a long period.


  • The honeycomb cooling pads ensure uniform distribution of air across the room
  • The remote control makes it easier to control while in your comfortable seat
  • The alarm goes off when the tank gets empty so that you can refill it in due time
  • It is empowered by turbo air throw advanced technique
  • The triple filter advantage ensures clean, fresh air circulates in your room


  • There is no water inlet pipe with the package; the tank needs to be filled manually.

Why will you like this?

This desert cooler by Voltas produces very minimal sound and aptly suits most of the room sizes of Indian households. It can be ideal to maintain cooling in a decently sized hall area as well. The huge size of the water tank ensures that you do not need to fill it up time and again. It is one of the best coolers for home for Indian summers.

7. Kenstar Little Room/Personal Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Room/Personal Air Cooler (White, 22 Litres)

Kenstar happens to be a brand subsidiary of the electronics giant Videocon in Indian markets. With the backing of brand name and advanced technological advantages, Kenstar has managed to gain a trustworthy customer base in the country. Its air coolers have performed exceptionally well along with other home appliances in the market. This 22 Litres Little Room/Personal Cooler is an appropriate product designed keeping in mind a small office room, study room, or any other small compact room area that requires cooling. For students and professionals who need a personal space to focus, work, and relax- this is an appropriate appliance.


  • Compact Design to adjust in small corners, does not require much of a space to set up
  • 3 types of speed settings to adjust according to temperature
  • Easily moveable
  • Less power consumption
  • Effective cooling
  • Considering the small, compact size and purpose- a good-sized water tank of 22 L.


  • Not ideal for bigger halls and conference rooms

Why will you like this?

Some customers always enquire about the best air cooler for a small room. This Kenstar Little Room/Personal Cooler is the answer to their need. A branded, good quality product that will ideally suit any personal cooler requirement or small space- is exactly what you need when you have to focus on your work and get rid of summery woes!

Buying guide: How to choose the best air cooler in India?

When you will go out to choose the best air cooler for the hot, scorching, dry summers in India – there will be a lot of options. But to keep you informed and aware we have brought a list of important features that must be kept in mind while buying an air cooler:

1. Type of Air cooler: There are generally three types of air coolers available in Indian markets:
-Room air cooler: Ideal for suiting small to medium-sized rooms in Indian households, these coolers are suitable for hot and humid weather conditions as well.
-Tower air coolers: Tower coolers have the advantage of throwing air to the far-reaching corners even if they are planted in a room or hall. You can use them for your home dining areas or in official settings such as the canteen and other facilities.
-Dessert air cooler: These coolers are ideal for larger sized rooms, halls, or dining areas. For office set-ups such as the conference room also, these can be used as a good alternative. Dessert coolers are best suited for the dry summer season.

2. Size of room: The coolers come with a specific range of area that they can cover by throwing the air. Therefore, you must consider the size of the room where you want to plant it before going on to buy a cooler. For example for smaller rooms, if you invest in large-sized dessert coolers, it will occupy a lot of space and waste your electricity resource as well. There are small compact coolers designed for different room sizes.

3. Water Capacity: This factor is also variably dependent on the area to be considered for cooling. Generally, the larger coolers come with larger capacity and vice versa. But you can always look for a sustainable option that helps you in meeting the requirements of the appropriate cooling area covered and comparatively larger tank capacity so that you do not have to refill it time and again.

4. Air delivery: Air delivery= [Room Area (in Sq. Ft.) X Room Height]/2
With this formula, you can understand that air delivery can be determined based on the size of your room. If you know the correct measurements of your room, it becomes relatively easy to choose the best-suited air cooler.

5. Power consumption: Lesser the Power a cooler consumes, better it is for your electricity bills. But do not forget to check other relevant features such as air delivery and turbo mechanism while you compare power consumption.

6. Cooling pads: The cooling pads affect the quality of air that you receive. If the cooling pads function well, you receive cool, clean air and it just adds to your experience. Two popular cooling pad types work well-
- Honey Comb Cooling Pad: expensive but durable and require less maintenance
- Wood Wool Cooling pad: Durable, made of synthetic wood fibers, reasonably priced, need maintenance

7. Water level indicator and alarm: This feature must help you in keeping a track of the level of water in the cooler. It will help in keeping the motor safe and air quality to be cooler. The alarm will help in bringing notification even if you miss to keep a track of water levels.

8. Mobility through castor wheels: The cooler should be mobile so that you can shift it easily across the living space as and when needed. The castor wheels make the job easy and smooth.

9. Remote control: You can control the speed of fan, air delivery level, and switch off/on features with remote control without having to get up every time. Especially when you sleep in the night, the remote control works as a boon to not let you spoil your sleep.

10. Price: We must buy home appliances based on their performance and quality but price plays a really important factor. Choose a brand that suits your budget and includes maximum features that you desire in your air cooler.


1. Which type of cooler is best for the dry summer season?

A. Dessert Air Coolers are appropriate for dry summer seasons as they have a powerful air throw quality and technology to deal with the dry season.

2. Which type of cooler is best for the hot and humid climate?

A. Room or Tower Air Coolers are ideal for hot and humid climates. Their coolers use the technique of blowers not fan to circulate the air.

3. Which is the best brand of coolers in India?

A. Kenstar by Videocon, Symphony, Bajaj, and Voltas –these are the best selling brand in air coolers in India.

4. Which is the best air cooler for a home?

A. “Voltas Grand 52E Desert Cooler - 52 liters” is our best pick. There are many other ideal coolers for a home that we have listed for your review.

5. How often do we need to refill the water?

A.It usually depends on the size of the tank of your cooler. Usually, coolers require re-filling water after one continual use of 3-4 hours or half a day.


The summers in India are never merciful. As they approach near you need to make arrangements for tackling the hot, humid, and dry conditions of different degrees. The air coolers and air conditioners act as a boon of technology when it comes to dealing with the summers in India. Air conditioners are no doubt a great alternate but they consume a lot of power and space. Moreover, they cannot be easily shifted as and when needed. Therefore, the need of air coolers becomes another dire need in summers. You can plant your air cooler in your internal or external sitting area such as balcony, veranda, or lawns too. They are relatively lesser in price and maintenance too. We believe our list of best air coolers in India must have helped you in narrowing down your search for these products.

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