These are the Best Atta Dough Makers in India Reviews [2020]

“Kneading dough” using hands makes it a lot much messy and difficult! 90% of the ladies who love to work in the kitchen find it extremely untidy to knead the atta with their hands. Therefore, the invention of atta kneader has become a blessing for the kitchen daily purpose. If you also do not find it easy to prepare the dough with hands, it is time to buy a good quality dough maker to make your life more comfortable.

Dough maker or atta maker is used to preparing the dough. There are generally two types of dough makers available in the market- electric and manual.

If you want to make your job easy, quick and hassle-free you may need to buy electric dough maker. It takes less than half a minute to make the dough in this appliance. However, if you want to have better control over the machine and its functionality, you can always buy a manual dough maker that will save your hands from getting in the sticky atta and give you good results too. It is usually the interpretation of the customer that decides which dough maker will suit their needs.

1. Homeplus Vertical Dough Maker (plastic)

Homeplus Vertical Dough Maker (plastic)

Homeplus Vertical dough maker hits the first position in our top picks. Homeplus is a dedicated brand towards bringing some of the best performing home appliances.

This 4-in-1 machine is more than just a “dough making machine”. It can perform several other functions other than kneading atta. You can use it to chop vegetables very neatly, whipping the butter and for a few fruits, it can even extract the juice as well! Now you must be able to understand why we have put it at the top of the list. You can not only save your time, efforts to knead soft and subtle atta but you will also get multifunctional access all in one machine. It saves a lot of money too since there is no requirement to buy a separate vegetable chopper or whisker or juicer.


  • 4-in-1 functions offer much more than only atta kneading. It can be used for kneading, whipping, chopping, and juice extracting.
  • It comes with a powerful motor to support all its functions fully
  • It comes with an unbreakable bowl best suited for chopping and kneading
  • Its blade is perfectly food-grade plastic and thus apt for kneading and peeling peas
  • You can knead approximately 500 gm of flour at a time.


  • The amount of noise can be irritating at times

Why will you like this?

Homeplus vertical dough maker is super easy to use and quick at work. It comes in an affordable price range to make it a favorite choice of buyers. Since we all want to make the best out of our time, this atta kneader is a perfect choice for your kitchen.

2. KENT Atta and Bread Maker (550W)

KENT Atta and Bread Maker (550W)

Kent is a well-known brand in kitchen appliances for years! They have introduced this atta and bread maker to suit the Indian kitchen requirements and have marveled in their job. This dough making machine is specifically designed for those people who spend significant time in their kitchen trying to sort out cooking every day. It not only saves your time and energy but also makes you more performance-oriented in the kitchen.

This appliance is designed in such a way that anybody can use it with ease. It has a single touch operation to further simplify the task.


  • It comes with 19 preset menu options for simplified cooking
  • The design of the model is very simple yet stylish
  • It's all functions are fully automatic
  • It has a fuller capacity to knead atta in a large quantity of 3 liters.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty by the manufacturer


  • High on price

Why will you like this?

There are people who do not like the idea of kneading the dough for making chapattis and bread. This atta kneader by Kent allows you to experiment with the ratio of different types of flour that you may want to knead together. You can customize the ingredients and rest assured of the optimum results.

3. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader

The home appliance industry is very much familiar with the brand name- Clearline. Their automatic dough maker machine is one of the best performing appliances in its category. It is confirmed for its smart tuning, high quality, and performance.

Talking about the product, clearly, dough maker comes with a non-stick bowl having a capacity of 3 liters. It will ensure that the atta does not stick to the walls of the kneading bowl like many other dough making machines. The 15-minutes timer is an added feature to suit all the requirements of dough making.  The design of the double lid helps in pouring the ingredients easily and preventing the spilling of food content.


  • Supply of 650 watts makes it a powerful machine
  • 3-litre Nonstick bowl prevents the dough from sticking on the wall
  • Double lid design eases the pouring of dough and prevents from spilling
  • 15 minutes automatic timer to suit all types of flours
  • Comes with nice vacuum grips for a better support


  • One needs to learn to put water optimally else the dough becomes too soft and soggy

Why will you like this?

The automatic timer feature of 15 minutes is an advantage above all other dough making appliances. Also, the nonstick bowl reflects the intelligent thought and research being put into use in its design and manufacturing. These are the features you are going to love other than its noise-free, powerful functionalities.

4. Slings Dough Maker One Stop Shop

Slings Dough Maker One Stop Shop

This is one of the most simplified, manual dough makers that we have enlisted in our category for those readers who do not want to depend on electrical appliances. Manual dough makers give you more freedom of control that electrical ones.

This is a very basic design that can be used by anyone immediately after opening the package. Coming to the product specifications, the capacity of the bowl is good enough for a large dough quantity. There are 3 measuring cups for different functions such as one is for pouring water, one for oil and one to measure the flour. It helps in easing the measurements for every time kneading. It comes at a very economical price and provides you smooth, hygienic atta (dough) at the desired consistency.


  • Fairly priced appliance saves on electricity bills too as compared to other dough makers
  • The bowl capacity is quite large for kneading a good amount of dough
  • The food-grade high-quality plastic makes it a useful product
  • The handle has a significant grip thus making it more dependable
  • 3 measuring cups give you a proper estimate of proportions that you may need to use every time


  • Manual operation requires a little more time and efforts than the electric atta kneading machines

Why will you like this?

There are competitors’ products that offer much more convenience than a manual yet reliable, high-quality atta kneader. However, the most significant advantage of a manual dough maker is that you can control easily and get the desired consistency of atta (thick or thin). Also, you will save on the electric bills every month and will not be worried about making a dough during a power cut.

5. Dewberries Dough Maker

Dewberries Dough Maker

Another hand-spun dough maker featuring in our list is from the house of Dewberries. It has been rated as one of the best manually operated dough maker because of the ease and comfort it provides to the user and the high quality of food-grade plastic used in its manufacturing. Their are3 measuring cups attached to this product to help in maintaining the right proportions of all quantities of water, oil and flour. The handle and the grip are also good enough to enhance stability while performing the kneading act.


  • High-quality food-grade plastic
  • Saves the messy hands and produces smooth and hygienic dough
  • It comes with 3 measuring cups that make the operation of atta kneading standardized.
  • Easy to use, simple to control the amount of atta and flour being put into it.


  • The user has to input some strength to churn and mix the flour with water initially.

Why will you like this?

This product has manual access that means the dough can be made smoothly using your hands while getting rid of the stickiness with flour and water. It is more hygienic and easy to use. Once the dough is ready, you can easily take it out and clean the container. Another advantage of Dewberries' atta maker is that it has a good grip which enables the user with better stability while making the dough.

6. SHARP tabletop bread maker

SHARP tabletop bread maker

Sharp is a brand that manufactures an array of kitchen appliances mainly. This atta maker from the brand of Sharp has a body made up of stainless steel which makes it stand out as compared to other dough makers. The control panel is installed with soft buttons for more comfort and simplicity. There are 12 preset menus with adjustable controls and you will get a good amount of help from the intelligent memory of the appliance who will remember your previous settings. While preparing the dough, this appliance gives you separate options for loaf size as in 1.5 lbs and 2 lbs.


  • It has a compact and cute design that not only takes less space but also enhances the outlook of the kitchen.
  • The LCD screen is installed to show the timely status of bread while being prepared.
  • It is a completely automatic system to give you more peace and comfort in life
  • The memory function is also a great advantage as it remembers which bread you prepared last in particular settings
  • 12 preset menus are really helpful in getting desired bread


  • It is more popularly known for bread making option as people may want only atta kneader for making chapatis. So its functionality is a little different there.

Why will you like this?

The 12 pre-programmed menus include various options such as basic, whole wheat, French, sweet, quick, no-gluten, ultra-fast, dough, cake, jam, homemade, bake. This wide plethora makes it easier for you to bring variety in your daily cooking. The fully automatic system helps in bringing about more convenience in cooking.

7. Philips Mini Food Processor 

Philips Mini Food Processor Daily Collection HR7627/00 650 W

Philips Mini Food Processor, as the name suggests, is a multi utility machine that will perform more than just one function. It is an efficient machine that will help you in kneading dough, whipping the cream, shredding and chopping of vegetables etc.

It’s simplified design and sturdy looks are enough to ensure the convenience of use. The package consists of 1 glass bowl of unbreakable nature along with 6 different blades to perform 6 different functions. There are 3-speed settings that will help you in deciding the pace at which you want the operations to be performed. Philips being a popular name in home and kitchen appliances has brought forward the best dough maker for chapatti along with multipurpose utility functions.


  • 6 blades ensure there are 6 functions other than kneading dough through this mini food processor to ensure the full value of money.
  • The kneading bowl has a capacity of its and there is an additional jar of 1 ltr.
  • The appearance of the appliance is very stylish although the design is quite minimal to simplify the usage.
  • The safety lock feature is built-in for good!
  • The appliance comes with 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • The quality of the motor can be worked upon for better results.

Why will you like this?

As stated above, Philips brings its products in the market after carefully studying the market needs and suitability, this mini food processor is a complete value for money package. When you get 6 functions in a package of one that is needed to be performed on a daily basis, you will have no option to look around anywhere else but buy this with immediate effect!

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