Best Cloth Drying stands to buy online in India Reviews [2020]

Due to prevailing flat and apartments’ culture in the cities, the balconies and clothes’ drying areas have become smaller day by day. This problem has led to the increasing usage of clothes drying rack in India. Especially in metropolitan cities, there are various designs of clothes drying stands that adapt in various space settings and can accommodate a large number of clothes at the same time.

These compact yet spacious cloth drying stands are very useful and serve as a boon for putting your wet clothes in one place and getting them dried up. Moreover, they give a very organized appearance to your house. You can use them outdoors during breezy and sunny days or indoors during rainy days. Working couples use these clothes drying stands with fan or blower as per requirement because it takes quite less time in drying clothes in front of air when the weather is not favorable outside.

1. Celebrations Fast Dry Mild Sturdy and Sleek Cloth Dryer Stand for Drying All Kinds of Indian cloths

Celebrations Fast Dry Mild Sturdy and Sleek Cloth Dryer Stand for Drying All Kinds of Indian cloths

This cloth drying stand comes in an affordable price range bracket and provides a sumptuous space of 42 feet to put your clothes for drying. The mixed steel material is coated with powder to prevent it from getting rusted and dirty while coming in contact with air, water and temperature conflicts. It is built to withstand all types of weather conditions. This lightweight cloth drying rack can be easily mobilized, folded and made to stand in a compact space.

Material used - Carbon steel pipes with powder coating
Maximum load Capacity - 55 to 60 kgs
Product Weight - 4.9 kg


  • Top-quality lightweight model
  • Provides 42 inches long space for drying clothes
  • Can be easily lifted and folded to be kept in a compact space
  • It can be used to put wide clothes for easy and fast drying such as sarees, jackets, etc.
  • Carbon steel pipes can withstand heavy wet clothes


  • The paint quality is compromised

Why will you like this?

It provides a wide drying space that will allow you to put mostly all kinds of clothes for fast drying. Even bedsheets can be put to dry in 1 or 2 folds. This is a very lightweight model and the weight is evenly spread on the pipes so you will find it very easy in moving and lifting this drying rack from one place to another for use.

2. Bathla Mobidry Giga - Extra-Large 4 Level Modular Cloth Drying Stand with Weather Resistant Frame (Blue)

Bathla Mobidry Giga - Extra-Large 4 Level Modular Cloth Drying Stand with Weather Resistant Frame (Blue)

Bathla cloth hanger stand is built to meet your daily laundries drying needs. The best part about this drying stand is its ergonomic design which optimally utilizes the space and gives you sufficient drying capacity. It can be kept comfortably in a small corner of the balcony, verandah or even a room. It takes the space of as much as a small corner table. Its steel rods are coated with powder to protect its oxidization and corrosion against weather conditions to sustain Indian climatic changing conditions.

Material used - Steel
Maximum load Capacity - Not Mentioned
Product Weight - 5.7 kg


  • It is a lightweight and compact product.
  • Material is coated with high-grade powder to resist corrosion in all climatic conditions
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty for exceptional quality
  • Its modular design with a 4-tier built gives adequate space for clothes to hang for air n sunlight exposure
  • The hanger holders are adjustable and give a boost to its drying capability


  • Large and wide clothes cannot be put without given multiple folds which will take a lot of time in drying.

Why will you like this?

This drying stand has acquired a lot of positive reviews from the existing users. There have been hardly any complaints about its performance. It is a lightweight, sturdy design that can be used in small space adjustments and different climatic conditions with ease. However, the material is not stainless steel, but it is made of superior quality and thus great in performance.

3. PARASNATH Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand With Breaking Wheel System- Blue

PARASNATH Prime Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand With Breaking Wheel System- Blue

This one is heavy duty clothes drying stand which is perfect for every household that faces a huge problem for putting all types of clothes for drying. Usually, Indian households with small kids or a number of family members face this problem. There are more clothes to be washed, more need to get them dried up faster and less space to put them out. This can be ideal indoor clothes drying rack during the rainy days when you would like to use your fan or blower for drying up the clothes. Its 3 poles have a 3 layer rack which is spacious and you can hang all sized clothes and garments for adequate air to pass through the hanging clothes leading to better and faster drying.

Material used - Stainless steel
Maximum load Capacity - Uniformly spread
Product Weight - 3.96 kg


  • Can be folded in different forms to make combinations for use
  • Superior wheels to move the stand anywhere you want
  • Screws and nuts support with additional strength and flexibility to the stand
  • Multistructural design for indoors and outdoor usages
  • Supplementary arms to put hangers
  • Strong and durable frame made up of polypropylene copolymer and steel pipes coated with plastic to avoid rusting and corrosion
  • Accordion-style design that can be raised to an upright secured position


  • Problem with wheels as they can come out during movements
  • Due to the multifold structure enabled, the customers face issues in setting it up

Why will you like this?

This is a solid cloth drying stand with a lot of space to put a variety of clothes into the air for drying. The rods have a lot of space in between to allow each and every cloth to get sufficient air and sunlight. Its multi structural folds allow you to put even widespread bedsheets and curtains for drying at the top. Wheels are there to enable free movements.

4. SYNERGY - 25 Clips Stainless Steel Square Cloth Dryer/ Stand/Hanger with Clips (Clothes Peg)

SYNERGY - 25 Clips Stainless Steel Square Cloth Dryer/ Stand/Hanger with Clips (Clothes Peg)

This is a cloth drying hanger made up of stainless steel material that is durable and does not easily break off. The long-lasting nature of stainless steel is very well known and understood. It has a swivel hook that rotates 360 degrees and allows you to hang multiple clothes in its hooks. There are 25 clips made up of steel to hold the clothes firmly so that the water can drip off them before they start drying in the air. You can hang it anywhere without much hassle- in the balcony or in the bathroom itself.

Material used - Stainless steel
Maximum load Capacity - 25 Clips
Product Weight - 99.8 gm


  • It is made of good quality stainless steel material
  • Can hold up to 25 clothes at one time
  • Requires very less space to be hanged
  • The swivel hook moves easily to hook and take off the clothes for drying
  • There is a lifetime replacement warranty on the material 


  • Cannot hold very heavy duty clothes as it is mostly suitable for lightweight daily wear garments

Why will you like this?

At times we need something to hang our small/short clothes in one place. We cannot keep an account of the cloth clips all the time and they are not adequate usually when there are more clothes to be put for drying. In such situations, these cloth drying hanger stands are really useful. You can simply put them in the bathroom until the water drips off and then hang them anywhere under the fan or in the sun for drying the clothes ensuring that your short clothes such as socks, innerwear, handkerchiefs etc are secure and dried properly.

5. Magna Homewares Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand

Magna Homewares Accordion Basic Cloth Drying Stand

This cloth drying rack by Magna Homewares is sturdy and made up equivalent to European standards. This product is available at reasonable rates and serves the purpose of drying the clothes in an apt manner. It is made up of durable and lightweight steel material and can be easily implanted in any corner of your house where you want to put your laundry for drying. There are 4 rods in the top level of the rack to allow you to put a maximum number of clothes for drying. It is built up with an accordion-style of design that takes only a few seconds in setting up.

Material used - Mild steel
Maximum load Capacity - Standard
Product Weight - 2.7 kg


  • You can put multiple clothes for drying on this stand
  • It saves a lot of space and makes your laundry look organized while getting dried up
  • It is built up in the accordion-style of design that can be expanded into a raised upright position to secure in the right place.
  • It can be easily moved to different places in your house- inside or outside as per the needs.
  • Can be folded to store in a compact space when not in use
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Some customers have complained of the rods getting easily detached

Why will you like this?

This lightweight cloth drying stand is ideal for home needs that require to put around 10-15 laundry clothes every day for drying. It can be easily shifted from your verandah to the garden to the living room as and when you want. In fact, you can move it easily with all the clothes on it because it is light in weight. The material is a mild mix of steel and the rods are coated well to fight against rust and corrosion to keep your clothes in good health while getting dried up.

6. Branco Heavy Duty Cloth Dryer Stand - Royal Jumbo Cloth Dry Stand Foldable

Branco Heavy Duty Cloth Dryer Stand - Royal Jumbo Cloth Dry Stand Foldable

This is a good quality cloth drying stand that is available at a reasonable price and can suffice the needs of a small family in an adequate manner. It is made up of strong and durable rods that can hold a substantial amount of a load of clothes at one time. With the screws and the manual instructions given in the package along with the main material, it can be installed easily and used for the best purpose too.

Material used - Plastic
Maximum load Capacity - Standard
Product Weight - 6.5 kg


  • Can be folded into different combinations for example if you want to hang a long saree or bedsheet from the top just fold the middle and the lower racks- etc.
  • There are 2 attachments to allow you to put hangers for drying extra clothes with elegance
  • The stand consists of the wheels for free movements in all directions
  • It is laminated with PVC and a combination of high-quality plastic and steel to prevent rusting and corrosion


  • The product is overall good but the 2 wings of plastic are not very stable often

Why will you like this?

This cloth drying stand is foldable and easily movable from one place to another. If your clothes do not get dried up in a few hours and you need to rush, you can put this stand in the interiors and then put it back outside as and when you come back home. It provides you with the flexibility of movement and strength of holding heavy clothes like wet bedsheets or jackets too. It consists of wheels that support its movement and enhance its functionality to a great extent.

7. Bathla Mobidry Neo Plus - Extra Large Foldable Clothes Drying Stand with Weather Resistant Frame (Black + Green)

Bathla Mobidry Neo Plus - Extra Large Foldable Clothes Drying Stand with Weather Resistant Frame (Black + Green)

This clothes drying stand by Bathla is manufactured in a way to make you utilize maximum space for drying in minimum possible space. This clothes dryer is made up of high-quality steel material and perfectly engineered components of plastic to give a world-class product output. It has a separate socks holder and a bag of clips to put short utilitarian clothes for drying. Its extra-large facility allows you to put a large amount of laundry for drying at the same time.

Material used - Steel
Maximum load Capacity - Standard
Product Weight - 5.5 kg


  • It is manufactured with high-grade steel and plastic with powder coating on the steel to make it resistant to changing climatic conditions
  • It has an ergonomic design that allows maximum clothes’ spread in minimum possible space
  • It can be folded into a compact cloth drying stand when not in use
  • The arm locks enable stability of the racks to hold heavy garments for drying
  • It does not require any setup or installation. It comes with easy to open arms for putting the clothes for drying.


  • A bit expensive

Why will you like this?

This product does not require any assembly. You just need to open its arms and lock them up to secure. Once the usage is complete, it can be folded back into a compact product to come in very less space- may be behind any of your doors! It provides users with a large capacity for spreading clothes for drying. Also, it is capable of holding heavy and wet clothes at the same time to give full utilization of the money. 

8. DRY LINE Wall Mounting Cloth Drying Stand (12x36 inch) 3 Feet, Foldable

DRY LINE Wall Mounting Cloth Drying Stand (12x36 inch) 3 Feet

This one is a collapsible wall mounted clothes drying rack which resists corrosion due to its fine engineering and saves a lot of space in your house. You can hang your clothes out in the sun or in the air and let them dry freely. When the job gets done you can simply fold it back to stick to the wall. It almost occupies ‘no space’ in your house while your clothes get a free sway in the air. It is a user-friendly product that is built up with 6 rods that are quite spacious to accommodate clothes. It is made up of durable material with steel bends at the ends to keep it stable and provide strength to the rods to hold wet cloths.

Material used
- Powder-coated steel
Maximum load Capacity - 6 rods with a length of 36 inches each
Product Weight - 2.9 kg


  • Wall-mounted foldable clothes drying rack
  • Utilizes the space in the most optimal manner, does not use any floor space
  • Can be folded back to stick to the wall after use
  • Built-up with corrosion-resistant matter
  • There are 6 rods that provide comfortable room to wet clothes to dry
  • Makes your clothes look organized while drying
  • Durable, sturdy product
  • Provides complete value for money


  • No major disadvantages, since it is wall-mounted, it cannot be moved inside every now and then

Why will you like this?

This is a sturdy product with a unique design and beautiful finish. You can install it anywhere in your house even in the bathroom if you do not want to put outside for drying. The package consists of all the necessary screws and nuts to put it in place and you can easily do the wall mounting by drilling holes on to the wall. It hardly consumes any space in your house while solving all your troubles regarding laundry drying needs.

9. Howell Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ceiling Cloth Hanger/Ceiling Cloth Dryer

Howell Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ceiling Cloth Hanger/Ceiling Cloth Dryer

Another wall mounted clothes drying rack is here with 6 rods made up of stainless steel metal. stainless steel is one of the best quality metals for cloth drying stands as it is rust free and prevents your clothes also from the corrosive damage. The facility with the drying stand is that you can lower each and every pipe while trying to make it convenient. It does not require any floor space so when it will not be in use, it will practically hinder no activity or space in your house.

Material used - Stainless Steel
Maximum load Capacity - 6 feet
Product Weight - 4.5 kg


  • Clothes drying stand with stainless steel metal pulley rail
  • The hooks are also made up of metal that are sustainable
  • Heavy stainless steel rods/pipes are used to compensate wet and heavy clothes for dryings
  • Required fittings of nuts and bolts are provided along with the stand
  • Durable stand with good quality metal and great performance
  • Rods can be lowered to dry the clothes conveniently


  • Need to get installed once if you are not apt at drilling on your own as it is heavy-duty cloth drying stand and requires technical know-how of installation

Why will you like this?

The customers who have used this stainless steel cloth drying stand have given positive reviews about its performance and utility so far. It is strong and durable and can easily house heavy durty wet clothes because of the robust stainless steel material used in its manufacturing. The initial problems of installation are one time hassles for a long term convenience and providing corrosion free drying capacity for your clothes. 

10. Ngel Kids Plastic Foldable Portable Hanging Dryer Clothes Drying Hanger Rack with 24 Clips

Ngel Kids Plastic Foldable Portable Hanging Dryer Clothes Drying Hanger Rack with 24 Clips

It helps to have a separate drying stand for the small clothes of kids in your house. You can rely on Ngel Kids Foldable Clothes Drying Hanger for such requirements. The stand is made up of durable good quality plastic which will last longer and can suffice the purpose of putting small-sized clothes for easy drying. This hanger requires very little space and can be easily accommodated anywhere in your house. If you would want to fold it after use, it can easily be kept inside any of your storage shelves with great ease.

Material used - Plastic
Maximum load Capacity - Medium
Product Weight - 299 gm


  • Requires very less space for implanting
  • It is made up of durable and good quality plastic material
  • Consists of 20 clips that means you can put 20 small clothes for drying in a small place at one time
  • Can be folded if not in use
  • Easy to carry, lightweight and portable drying stand


  • Suffices its own purpose well but cannot hold heavy clothes

Why will you like this?

When we put short clothes for drying on a normal cloth drying stand or anywhere else, they tend to slip off and fall. There have been instances that they become dirty too by falling in the dust too. therefore, at some point in time, we all require a cloth drying hanger or stand that can accommodate short clothes easily. If you too have been looking for a similar product, Ngel foldable clothes drying hanger is a perfect choice for you!

Buying guide: How to choose the best clothes drying stand for your home?

This guide is meant to enhance your knowledge on the main features of attributes that you should look for while buying a clothes’ drying stand in India:

1. Types of cloth drying racks: ​There are usually three types of cloth drying racks based on their usage and functionality requirements:- wall-mounted, roof hangers and free standing. We have tried to include all these three types of stands and the best of their categories in our products’ list. The wall-mounted stands usually like a permanent solution that helps in making your clothes look organized while being hanged for drying. Roof hangers come with a smaller capacity for drying short clothes and the free-standing ones are those foldable lightweight stands that can be moved easily from one place to another.

2. Foldable or not: There can be different types of clothes’ drying racks. Some of them are foldable while others are not. The biggest advantage of foldable drying stands is that once your clothes are dried, you can fold and keep them anywhere because they become compact size after folding. some of us do not even need to wash clothes on a daily basis. In such situations, you may not require a large set up of clothes drying stand to be acquiring a lot of space in your house.

3. Material used: The clothes drying stand is made up of various types of materials. The best ones are those made up of either stainless steel metal or powder-coated material to prevent the rods from getting corroded. Corrosion can even hamper the upkeep of your clothes. Even plastic does not get corroded but one should look for durable, good quality plastic with a long life.

4. Size: There are different sizes of drying racks available in the Indian markets. You can choose a drying rack/stand according to space in your home and the number of clothes that you usually put up for drying. The clothes drying stands come in multifold settings that can expand to provide you a large space for drying.

5. Capacity: If you will buy a fragile and defenseless clothes’ drying stand then you will end up complaining about its lack of ability to be able to hold wet clothes for a long time. It may not matter that you choose to buy a small or big sized stand but buy one that can support credible weight capacity and stay stable for a long time. Checking the load capacity and reviews can be helpful in this regard.

6. Price and brand: People hesitate to buy branded products especially when it comes to the drying stand. There is a lack of awareness about the prevailing leading brands in this sector and also the usage and dependability factor has not been understood well so far. If you will invest in good quality and branded clothes’ drying stand you will not regret it in the long term. At the same time, we will not recommend you to lose a hefty amount of money into something unreasonable and heavily priced. Make a decision on the basis of the above-mentioned features and your budget.


1. Which type of clothes drying stand is the best?

A. It depends on your requirements. If you want something that is portable then free-standing stands are best but if you want something like a permanent solution then you can look for a wall-mounted stand too. Moreover, if you are looking for a small hanger stand to put short clothes for drying in a safe manner then go for it! 

2. How to bring the cloth hanger inside?

A. ​​​Cloth drying stand can be brought inside with the help of wheels or the dragging rods easily. You can even unload the stand, fold it and bring inside too.

3. Which place can be most appropriate to keep the clothes drying stand in the house?

A. The best thing about these clothes’ drying stands is that you can put them conveniently as per the availability of space in your house. Try to put the stand in a place that experiences maximum sunlight and breeze so that clothes can dry up fastly. Usually, people choose the erect their clothes drying racks in balconies, verandah, laundry rooms or any possible outdoor area.

4. Which clothes drying stand is the best in India?

A. I feel Bathla Mobidry Neo Plus - Extra Large Foldable Clothes Drying Stand is one of the best.

5. Which material based clothes drying stand should I choose for long life and best performance- stainless steel, plastic, aluminum or wood?

A. Undoubtedly the stainless steel based material is the best for clothes’ drying stand. It can sustain the heavy-duty wet clothes and gives you corrosion-free output for the longest periods of time. even aluminum is a good choice if the stainless steel is not fitting your need parameters. Other metals are usually corrosive in nature. However, if you are planning to buy a plastic or wood-based clothes drying hanger then choose the high-grade material only.

6. How can I ensure that my clothes drying rack has a long life?

A. A few basic cares and cleaning tips will ensure that your drying rack has long sustainability- timely cleanliness, keeping their surface dry when not in use, defend overexposure to moisture and sunlight and regular checking on the fixation of nuts and bolts.


The concept of clothes drying stand was not a traditional concept until a few years back. It was the culture of apartments in the cities that gave rise to the need of having a clothes’ drying hanger, rack or stand in homes. Nowadays when the adult members in the family are usually working, there is a need to make an arrangement for the clothes to dry. The clothes drying stand is a convenience in that manner. You can shift it from the outdoors to the indoors and vice versa as per the circumstance. For example- if it rains the clothes can be put to dry inside too! clothes drying stands have become a statement of class and lifestyle as well. Therefore, if you are planning to buy new clothes drying stand for your perusal, check our list of top 10 products devised to suit your various needs.

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