10 Best gas stoves in India Reviews [2020]

The essence of every Indian household is its kitchen. And every kitchen is defined by the methods and appliances used for cooking. During earlier times people used oil-based stoves in their kitchen which got advanced to LPG based fuel later on. Our previous generation focussed only on attaining a 2-, 3- or 4- burner gas stove. However, with changing times there are dimensions added to the regular gas stoves and advancement has caused us to look into those details too.

A nice gas cooking stove can be not only the enhancement accessory in the kitchen but also inculcates safety, comfort, and environment-friendly benefits. So, if you are planning to buy a new gas stove for your kitchen, here is our list of the best gas stoves in India that you can buy in 2020. We have done the primary research on the new inductions in this industry and the technology that makes their usage advanced and cost-effective.

Depending on your budget, requirements, and preferences you can choose to invest your valuable money into any of these lifestyle-based gas stoves for your kitchen in the coming year. The only piece of advice that we give to our readers is that- since you are buying a new commodity, buy something which is trending with the latest techniques in the market keeping in mind your spending power. 

1. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove (ISI Certified, Glass Top)

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

This is a highly efficient gas stove and intends to make your cooking simpler and hassle-free. Shatterproof glass which is quite tough for wear and tear is used for its top finishing. It looks an elegant design and the quality of the glass makes it shine after every time you clean it. it supports Indian cooking methods and ensures maximum safety of the user by trying to avoid leakage of gas. Unlike hefty and large-sized cooktops, this one is compact in size and saves a lot of space in the kitchen. The best part is the flame coming out of the burners is quite strong and uses LPG fuel quite efficiently.


  • It is a 3 burner gas stove
  • The glass is thick, long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • Its knobs are ergonomically designed with nylon covers to provide resistance from heat
  • There are anti-skid feet to maintain easier operations while cooking
  • There are enhanced safety features in this gas stove
  • Best suited price, value for money


  • It does not come with automatic ignition, you need manual inputs to ignite the flame

Why will you like this?

This product has been accepted and appreciated in the market with heavy applauds. You will enjoy the comfort and its elegant look for your kitchen's daily needs. Above all, safety and energy efficiency techniques ensure that you get the best output while cooking.

2. Pigeon by Stovekraft 4 Burner Gas Cooktop Blaze Blackline Glass

Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon has got a good foothold in the appliance for the kitchen in the Indian market. However, this gas burner is new from their brand and something to look forward to in the coming year!

This gas stove is ideal for multitasking as there are 4 burners into it. Its appearance is visually pleasing and the stainless steel body with hairline finish makes it look a classic design for kitchen decor. Buyers have been preferring this cooktop for 2 main reasons one of them is its pricing, which is very reasonable, and second the easy maintenance. It doesn't take much effort to clean it- just use a wiping cloth or sponge to clean after every use. The burners are effective and made up of brass metal to ensure the optimization of fuel.


  • The compact design makes it easier to be kept anywhere on a sleek kitchen shelf
  • The drip tray feature ascertains to avoid any food spilling and makes it easier to clean
  • Stylish design with a toughened glass top to enhance sustainability during high temperatures.
  • Better grip with rubber legs in tabular form
  • Burners made of high-quality brass metal


  • No auto-ignition needs manual input to operate

Why will you like this?

This gas burner comes from a trustworthy brand, Pegion. Its glass top can withstand high temperatures and is super easy to clean. You will like it for its smooth finishing and the feeling of premium quality cooking while using it. The efficient burners of brass metal ensure that fuel is also not leaked and gets properly optimized. 

3. Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

This is a 2 burner gas stove for smaller sized Indian cooking requirements. It means if you are looking for something that can serve the basic purpose of cooking into the modern kitchen, this one will just be the right product for you. Its burners are made up of high-quality material. Both have different sizes – small and large- to meet your daily basis requirements from different perspectives.

In order to enhance the stability of utensils while cooking, there is a smart lock pan! Its compact design is going to be aligned with any type of kitchen settings. The customers have rated the Butterfly brand as one of the best gas stove brands in India especially after using this particular 2-burner gas cooktop.


  • Flame retardant panel to ensure comfort in long-duration cooking
  • High-quality heat resistant brass material used to make burners
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • The spill-proof technology and smart lock panel enhance the usability of the gas stove
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer’s end


  • After-sales services of this brand are not easily found in every part of the country.

Why will you like this?

This is a compact design that suffices the basic needs of cooking in the Indian Kitchen. So if you need something to fulfill the basic requirements, this is a perfect product for you. Good quality material is used in the manufacturing of glass and burners. This product is going to add to the charm of your kitchen with its sleek and subtle presence.

4. Prestige Jade Gas stove (Glass top, 3 brass burner)

Prestige Jade Gas stove (Glass top, 3 brass burner)

This is an amazing design of a gas stove that aids in the joy of cooking. Three gas burners are there to enhance your dimensions of cooking and multitasking abilities. You can cook faster, better and at least 3 things at the same time. Prestige is known for its best in class products and thus this one is undoubtedly the best 3 burner gas stove in India. Its toughened body is made to sustain the high temperatures and tri-pin burners are apt for different settings of flame.


  • The grey color glass top is made up of toughened heat resistant glass
  • The knobs are ergonomically designed to maintain hygiene and cleanliness
  • The burners are made up of high-quality brass material
  • Its compact size is ideal for Indian medium-sized kitchen
  • It can be cleaned easily with a soft, clean cloth or sponge


  • Customers have come up with complaints regarding the quality of glass top

Why will you like this?

The primary reason to invest in this glass top is its brand, Prestige, and the stylish look. Unlike most of the gas stoves that come in black color, this one has grey effects on it. The features are seemingly good too and make it a good deal for the Indian kitchen.

5. Prestige Marvel Glass Stove 4 Burner

Prestige Marvel Glass Stove 4 Burner

Another Prestige gas cooktop is listed here for its aesthetic design and enhanced burner counts. This gas stove has 4 burners to make you more versatile while cooking. The brand Prestige is known to bring about some of the best kitchen appliances for Indian kitchens. If you are looking for a gas stove that can allow you to make full use of your time in the kitchen and enable you to do multitasking at your best, this product will serve the purpose for you. If you are working and plan to finish your cooking at a faster pace while ensuring maximum safety and efficient usage of the fuel, you buy this one of the best 4 burner gas stoves in India.


  • The spill-proof design ensures that food doesn't get leaked or spilled here and there.
  • Easy to clean
  • Tri-pin burners are an added advantage to ascertain that flame is evenly distributed under the vessel to cook uniformly from all sides
  • The elegant design makes it appealing and chic for augmenting the Kitchen appeal!
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on the product


  • You need a manual ignition to bring about the flame.

Why will you like this?

You will like this product for its spill-proof design, its 4 burners for maximum utilization, tri-pin burners technology for even distribution of flame. More than that, the sleek design and easy to clean features make it, even more, better of a choice of modern Indian buyers. 

6. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove with 2 Burner

Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove with 2 Burner

Sunflame brand has been ruling the heart of Indian kitchens for many years now. It has customers all over the country that speak of its expertise in being the best gas stoves brand in India. This 2 burner gas stove is one of the most durable products that will find a perfect fit in your kitchen. The stainless steel base comes with an elegant matte finish. The drip trays are there to ensure the spillproof and easy cleaning of the gas stove. High quality toughened glass is used in the manufacture of its glass top which inflicts golden metallic finish.


  • The golden metallic finish of glass cooktop makes it look premium quality
  • The burners are made up of high-quality brass metal that ensures efficiency in fuel usage
  • The base is made up of stainless to give a matte finish
  • Drip trays ensure spillproof usage
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Manual ignition is needed, no auto-ignition feature

Why will you like this?

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, durable and modishly designed gas stove for your kitchen, this one from Sunflame is the ideal product for you. The brass made burners are there to ensure the efficient usage of LPG fuel and the toughened glass of cook to give a metallic gold finish which can easily be revived after every cleaning.

7. Lifelong Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

This is a 4 burner gas stove with a sleek design of toughened glass top. The hard glass is shatterproof and adds sheen and charm to this highly utilizable gas stove. It comes in a compact design to act as a space savior for all kitchen formats. You can place it adequately and will realize that it is comparatively easier to clean than the metal top or other gas stoves. The burners are made to distribute the flame evenly on all the sides of the vessel kept for heating. Moreover, they help in saving fuel by optimizing its judicial use.


  • Sleek hard glass top gas stove gives an art of life appeal to the kitchen
  • There are 4 burners to enhance your cooking variations at the same time.
  • Knobs come in an ergonomic design with nylon covers that are heat resistant too
  • To ensure that you can perform its operations with ease and effectiveness, there are anti-skid feet
    Can be cleaned easily
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • 1-year doorstep warranty from the manufacturer


  • Autoignition is missing, you need to use manual ignition methods

Why will you like this?

This is one of the classy looking appliances for your kitchen which will add a tinge of sheerness to your kitchen. Moreover, considering the pricing and customer feedback, it appears that you will not find a better deal than this in 4 burner gas stoves. The burners optimize the usage of fuel to make it even better and environment-friendly product.

8. Elica Hob Auto Ignition Glass Top 4 Burner

Elica Hob Auto Ignition Glass Top 4 Burner

Elica is a premium brand for kitchen appliances. This particular product is about great quality, finishing, and auto-ignition features. The glass finish at the gas top gives aesthetic finest appeal to its appearance. The quality of glass used is made of scratch-resistant and toughened material for being durable for long hours. There are 4 burners that give highly efficient output in terms of fuel. You can control speed through the smooth rotation of knobs. And the highlighting feature is its auto-ignition technique which reduces dependency on external aids such as gas stove lighter, matchstick, etc.


  • Autoignition enables advanced convenience in cooking
  • This gas stove has grids made up with cast iron to enhance the stability of utensils while you are cooking
  • The hobs are made up of metal to add to the fine quality appeal and better control. The smooth and without friction rotation ensures you can use flame adequately for several cooking needs.
  • 4 burners with different sizes- 2 double ring burners, 1 dual along with one small triple ring burner made up of brass material.
  • Cast iron grid support for better stability
  • Multi flame control feature as an added advantage
  • Fuel efficient design


  • Expensive product due to the elite brand name and enhanced features

Why will you like this?

We could not stop writing about the advanced utility features of this gas stove. There are 4 burners that have a multi flame control feature. If you are looking for a gas stove to improve the value and appeal of your kitchen, then Elica promises you the best of designs and classy products from its brand line. Its features ranging from the sophisticated glass finish to the metallic knobs, everything just adds up to the glam factor of its appearance.

9. Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove- 3 Burner

Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove- 3 Burner

The toughened glass top not only provides a great appearance to the gas stove but also increases its durability and performance. This gas stove with high-quality glass will remain like new for years to come with regular maintenance and cleaning from time to time. You will be delighted to know that it is very much easier to clean this gas stove. The grid is euro coated to support the cooking activity. The 3 burners are designed keeping the heavy and low usage of flame for various operations.


  • Premium finishing of design with glass top
  • Rust free material and make for better usage and long durability
  • The knobs are made of high-quality material for smooth rotation
  • Compact size is ideal for medium-sized kitchen
  • Stainless steel plate provides better support
  • 2 years warranty on the product


  • It is not an automatic gas stove and thus requires manual ignition

Why will you like this?

The rust resistance surface gives the first-class appeal to not only the gas stove but the whole kitchen set up. If you are fond of lifestyle enhancing appliances with elevated comfort and best in class performance then this is the right product from the premier brand, Elica, for your kitchen.

10. Bosch Gas Hob PNH6B6B10I

Bosch Gas Hob PNH6B6B10I

The final product on our list comes from the house of the premier brand in kitchen and home appliances- Bosch! The name is enough to speak for the quality, however, we must give you the features to look for in your potential gas stove!
The sophisticated design of this appliance with tempered glass hob is not only attractive but also very easy to clean.​

There are 4 burners that are laced with high-quality materials to make sure that the user does not have to keep standing for long hours in the kitchen. There are additional features, one being- flame failure feature for safety- to convince the buyers that investing in Bosch is one of the wisest decisions.


  • Elegant design feature with auto-ignition features
  • Sophisticated design with tempered glass
  • Steelpan along with burners support better handling and safety of utensils while cooking
  • Design is made to enhance the usage of gas in an optimum way to reduce the wastage
  • The safety feature such as flame failure is an additional feature to improved safety parameters
  • Elite product with best features


  • The price is quite high.

Why will you like this?

If you are looking for something first-class in design with the best features and utility- this is going to be a great purchase for you. Bosch brings about high-quality products for those users who do not want to compromise on the safety and food quality for their family members.

How to find the best gas stove for Indian Cooking?

1.The number of burners:

First of all, you need to specify the number of burners that you are looking for! There can be a small family of 2-3 members that can easily suffice on 2-3 burners but for a bigger family or larger cooking needs- it is advisable to go for 4 burner gas stove to speed up the things.

2. Ignition:

The ignition can be classified into 2 types broadly- manual and auto.  If you prefer manual ignition with lighter or a matchstick, then look for suitable options. If you want auto-ignition then there are separate products. However, every extended feature comes with an additional price.

3. Design and material:

Unlike the old times when gas cooktop was made up of stainless steel, brass or aluminum, these days markets are flooded with several designs of gas stoves. Most of the latest designs are based on hard, toughened glass. Along with the top design, there are various qualities and styles of knobs that add to the finesse and appeal of your gas stove. Considering various other factors, take a look at the pictures and decide what type of design will meet your expectations. 

4. Space and size:

Increasing metro and flat culture have confined our kitchen spaces too. Therefore we always look for products that are high on utility and are compact in size for easy handling and maintenance. You can always look for the space-efficient gas cooktop to give a modern feel as well as a neat look to your kitchen. 

5. Budget:  

Considering the features and needs, you must define a budget for buying the best gas stove. There can be high-end models that may not fit into your budget. At the same time, considering the gas stove to be a one-time investment for the long term, you can always plan to buy a good quality gas stove for maximum safety and utility in the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of gas stove is better- autoignition or manual?

A. Both are good. It depends on what you prefer. Autoignition doesn't need much effort while the manual ignition just requires a simple lighter or matchstick to bring about the flames.

2. Is it advisable to buy a glass top gas stove?

A. Definitely yes. It is easy to maintain and comes in scratch and heat resistant material.

3. Which type of burner is better for the gas stove- aluminum or brass?

A. Preferable brass is better than aluminum.

4. Why are the gas stoves made black in color?

A.It is because of spilling and ensuring easy cleaning. You do not have to scrub your gas stove daily to the limits of bringing scratches. Black color absorbs minimal stains and keeps giving a classy look for a longer duration.

5. Is it advisable to buy a gas stove online?

A. Definitely. You can get better deals and services online than store-based buying. It saves on time and provides more options to compare and buy. The product gets delivered at the doorstep.


While you have just scrolled through some of the top gas stove brands in this list, we wanted to make sure that we bring for you every possible variation in gas cooktops that included- price range, number of burners and size of the appliance, safety features, premium brand and popular brand and the material used. We always try that our users can make the most out of this information and thus make the best buying decision. This information is followed by a buying guide that will help you in making the right and informed choice.

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