8 Best Glucometers available in India [Reviews]

Diabetes can occur at any age to anyone. With the changes in lifestyle and environmental conditions, diseases like diabetes have become more prominent amongst people. Therefore, it is important to learn two things about this problem- first, that it is a common disease with a cure available. Also, second, it is important to keep yourself updated with the mechanisms to deal with this issue of diabetes. A glucometer is one such device that helps you in knowing the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood. Most of the people who suffer from diabetes generally keep glucometer at home. However, these days, people buy glucometer to keep a check at the health (sugar levels) of their family members from time to time as it is not always possible to visit a doctor for a check-up. If you are also planning to buy the best sugar testing machine in India, we have a list for you!

The general process of using glucometers is the same with minor changes with each product. The procedure involves piercing of finger for one droplet of blood which is then put on the disposable strip leading to the meter. This meter gives a reading of the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood. Sugar patients need to monitor their sugar levels almost every day during the medication process.

1. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen glucometer is a smart monitor to precisely and comfortably measure the blood glucose level in diabetic patients. It comes with an ergonomic design and sleek inbuilt mechanism that allows you to read on a larger display screen. It is a biosensor based device that does not require any technique or coding to operate. You just need to give a drop of a blood sample on a strip that can quickly display the reading of sugar levels on its large monitor screen. It is considered to be the best glucometer for home use.


  • Displays the result in just 5 seconds
  • A very lightweight and compact device
  • The device comes with a memory to easily store up to 300 previous records
  • Requires only 0.5 microlitres of blood for testing
  • The widescreen display makes it easy to read and understand
  • A portable device, easy to carry while traveling


  • Strips are limited to 25 which have a short shelf life

Why will you like this?

You will like this product for its simplicity of usage. It runs on one lithium-ion battery and comes with the warranty of a lifetime! Most of the times it gives accurate readings and you can thus monitor the sugar levels of your loved ones with ease using this glucometer by Dr. Morepen.

2. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo

This is another offer by Dr. Morepen on the Glucometer that consists of 50 strips for patients who need regular monitoring. This smart glucose monitor helps you in measuring the levels of glucose in the blood at a faster rate and with higher precision. These readings are suggested to be used for a general introspection of the health.


  • This combo offers you better pricing as the strips are more
  • It's a compact portable device that you can carry easily wherever you go
  • It operates on single lithium-ion battery
  • There is a warranty of a lifetime on the device


  • Readings are not a substitute for the medical examination. It is only to understand the trends of sugar as a prospect of general health examination

Why will you like this?

You will like this product for its ease of use, portable built up, widescreen and the quick pace at which it shows you the result. Moreover, you need only 0.5 microlitres of blood to undertake the examination. This device will give you the comfort of home to keep a general eye on the health of your family members from time to time. 

3. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Accu-Chek is one of the most popular glucometer brands in the Indian market. The user does not require any type of coding or skill to check their sugar levels by using this decide. It is quite simple to use and read. There is a widescreen display to indicate the result of your examination. It comes in a small, handy packing which is easy to carry anywhere. You will be able to read the results of your blood sugar levels in just 5 seconds. This kit consists of 10 strips to take the blood sample for measuring. 


  • LCD display screen to enable easy to read results
  • The result is displayed quickly in 5-10 seconds only
  • The device can store a memory of up to 350 previous results
  • Offers great value for money with accurate results
  • You can easily get their test strips from any medical store or online store


  • There are only 10 strips in this packing.

Why will you like this?

This is one of the most popular medical devices to check the glucose levels in the blood. It is easy to use and the widescreen display enables everyone to understand the readings. It comes at an affordable price with higher accuracy rates of results. This is the reason that most of the people prefer to buy this glucometer. 

4. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Glucometer is the thinnest ever glucometer with distinctive features. Its interface is just icon-driven that does not require any coding, buttons or set up. The color sure technology and the audio results are remarkable features in it. The three colors are- Blue, Red, and Green. If the Blue color gets displayed on the screen that indicates low sugar, Green color indicates modest levels of sugar and the red color indicates high levels of sugar. The result of the test is drawn using the test plus strips and it comes in just 5 seconds.


  • An advanced feature of color sure technology and the sound of beep to indicate blood sugar levels
  • The results are displayed in only 5 seconds
  • Can be used and understood easily
  • Does not require any setup or coding


  • The strips are costly if you may need to buy new

Why will you like this?

If you are buying this device to keep a track of the general health of your family and do not want to remember the modest sugar level bracket, then this is the best choice for you. The color sure indicators make it easy to understand whether your sugar levels are low, high or appropriate. There is a sound alert also in the form of beep which comes along with the indicative color.

5. Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips

Dr. Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips

Dr. Trust Glucometer is a fast measuring device to determine the glucose levels in human blood. It is a simple machine that can be used by anyone with greater ease. The large display of the product followed by the one-button navigation feature is an added advantage to its functionality. The infrared rays play an important role in transferring data instantly to make it super fast.

The smiley indicator is another distinctive feature. The result of your test gets displayed within just 5 seconds along with appropriate smileys as per your output. So, it gives a feel-good vibe while using it for testing something as tiring as ‘diabetes’.


  • It is a lightweight product that can be easily carried along
  • It requires 0.5 microlitres of the blood for testing
  • The accuracy rates of results are higher
  • You can easily find the test strips in medial shops or online stores.
  • Distinctive features such as smiley indicator are unique


  • Higher in price as compared to its competitors

Why will you like this?

There are several features that make it different than other glucometers in the market. For example, after 3 minutes, if there will be no activity, then the device gets switched off on its own. You can even set a reminder on it to tell you to take measurements at a given time.

6. AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System Test Strips, 25

AccuSure Blood Glucose Monitoring System Test Strips, 25

Accusure glucometer comes in very economical pricing and offers a complete solution for home-care and management of diabetes. The usage methodology is very simple and with just one click you will be able to check your blood sugar levels. This package consists of 25 test strips which are a good number given to the pocket-friendly price. It is a compact, portable machine that can always be carried along easily, even while traveling.

Accusure is a trustworthy sugar check machine recommended by Dr. Gene that will work efficiently and closely to monitor the glucose in your blood.


  • Comes in reasonable pricing with 25 strips in this package
  • Provides accurate and fast results in just 8 seconds
  • It is a portable device which is light in weight
  • Large screen makes it easy to read through the display
  • The product comes with a lifetime of the warranty


  • It just requires a little more blood than other devices- approx 1.4 mg/dl

Why will you like this?

The test strips that come along with this product are quite handy and easy to use. There is a very simple procedure to detect your blood sugar levels using this device- just put a small droplet of blood on the test strip and put forth the result to a machine to get the readings in just 8 seconds.

7. Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor with 50 Strips Combo 

Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitor Glucometer with 50 Strips Combo (Multicolor)

The highlighting feature of Contour TS Glucometer is its accuracy which is certified by ISO 15197: 2013- it states that 95% of the sugar level readings are within ±15% of lab reference. The user does not need to have a knowledge of any coding, the meter itself does it with the help of the test strips. The result is displayed only within 8 seconds and to a far better accuracy measure. With a result keeping memory of up to 600 results records, this device certainly gets a green signal for being one of the best glucometers.


  • It has a large screen display
  • The device can be used with much ease and comfort
  • The strips are of good quality
  • Provides trustworthy readings
  • There are 50 test strips in this package


  • A bit expensive

Why will you like this?

This is an easy-to-use appliance with higher parameters of accuracy and stats. The pricking of blood is almost painless and you need only 0.6 microlitres of blood for the sampling. You will like its simple procedure and fast, reliable results output. The package is inclusive of the battery which lasts really long.

8. OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor with Box of 10 Test Strips Free

OneTouch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Monitor with Box of 10 Test Strips Free

OneTouch Verio Flex Glucometer comes along with an advanced technique. It can be connected with your mobile and the user needs to download an app on their phone- OneTouch Reveal. This whole process is meant to change the way you have been seeing your blood sugar levels and to help you in finding the best ways to control diabetes. There are highlighting features in the app that will help you to draw a timeline as well as monitor the varying sugar levels and the possible causes and trends during different activities. 


  • Advanced methods to view blood glucose levels
  • Support through the app in the phone
  • Comes at very reasonable price
  • It is hassle-free and easy to use
  • Easy monitoring for better control on sugar through logbook and timeline
  • Requires on 0.4 microlitres of blood for sampling
  • Allows you to share your health updates with concerned people
  • Widescreen display


  • There are only 10 strips in this package, you need to buy them additionally if needed more

Why will you like this?

This is one of the advanced glucometer devices that will help you in understanding the glucose levels in your blood in a better way. You can not only monitor and see the trends of uprise and fall of sugar in your blood, but you can also even share the reports and records with your doctor, family or friends. The test strips are also designed using precious metals making them highly worth and accurate. This is a must-buy device if you need to buy a glucometer.

How to find the best glucometer?

1. Cost:

When you look at the price of a glucometer or a combo package, also take a look at the price of strips separately. There can be expensive test strips but the cheaper device and vice versa. Make a decision with complete information on price. 

2. Time (test and display):

Some glucometers show results in 5 seconds while others in 10 or more. A few seconds seem nothing to read but when you will use the device multiple times in a day, even 5 extra seconds will make a difference. 

3. Data storage:

It is always better to consider a model that can keep track of your previous records. It makes it easy for monitoring the results and studying them. 

4. Size of blood sample:

If the blood sample size will be small, the pricking will be less painful. 

5. Easy and comfortable to use:

Choose a device that does not come with complicated systems of monitoring the glucose levels. You might need to check your sugar levels 4-5 times a day. It will not be possible to do a cumbersome setup and coding every time. With a simple functionality, we find it easier to use, track and read results as often as we want. 

6. Inbuilt Coding:

Prefer devices that come with inbuilt or automatic coding. It is better to avoid manual coding procedures.

7. Data transfer facility:

These days advanced glucometers are coming that can either transfer your data to a computer or to an app on your phone. You can easily form logbooks, trends, timelines and thus study the facts and causes that work in favor and against you while dealing with diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the glucometer work?

A. Glucometer works with the help of strips on which the patient just needs to put the sample of blood (as described). The strips are built up with some chemicals that help in processing the blood in the device and thus show the results.

2. Is it safe to buy glucometer online?

A. Absolutely. You can check various options and judge them on the basis of their features, prices and customer reviews. There are benefits of being able to return the device if it is damaged or not appropriate. The delivery of products has also become faster these days through online sites like Amazon.

3. Is it important to look for “data transferability” in the glucometer?

A. Yes, up to a certain extent. It will help you in monitoring your blood glucose levels in a better way. You can analyze the factors that elevate and alleviate the levels of glucose in your blood.

4. How many times do I need to check blood glucose levels?

A. It depends on the type and level of diabetes you are suffering from! For acute cases, it can be needed to be checked 4-5 times in a day while in borderline cases you might have to do once or twice a day like –post mean, pre-meal, etc.

5. Can the same glucometer be used by 2 people in the family?

A. ​Although you can use the same glucometer for 2 people in the family it is advised to use different strips for every person. Do not try to use the same strips. The results will be highly inappropriate.

6. Which is the best glucometer brand in India?

A. There are various brands that produce world-class medical equipment and devices. On the basis of our research, we have found the customers usually prefer popular brands such as Dr. Morepen, AccuSure, AccuChek, OneTouch, etc.


A glucometer is a device that will not only help you in monitoring the blood glucose levels of your loved one but also help in improving the circumstances of their health. Therefore, it is important that you invest your money and effort into buying the best glucometer in India. The key is to choose the right product after going through thorough research. It can be said that most of the glucometers provide results that are +/-10 or 15 from the lab results. Beyond or less than that gives a high doubt on the accuracy. Therefore, we have mentioned a buying guide for our readers to make it easier for them to know- how to choose the best glucometer?

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