Have a look at 10 Best Hand Blenders in India to Buy Online

The traditional Indian Kitchen has been modernized for various good reasons, and one of them is- the hand blenders! Hand blenders are the convenient form of appliances that are used for blending or making a puree of various ingredients in any bowl that you may want to use them into! So, if you have been lately fretting over ‘transferring’ the content from one dish to another for blending purpose, hand blenders are an answer to that problem.

There are hand blenders that come along with a bowl and suitable blade for chopping and shredding vegetables too. Such ‘handy’ blenders are mini replacements to the heavy-duty food processors in the kitchen. You do not need any setup or installment with these appliances. These ‘Immersion Sticks’ have made the task of kitchen 50-80% faster and easier which otherwise used to take a longer duration to get finished. Moreover, these hand blenders which are popularly known as “stick blenders” also do not require much space too. They can easily be kept on your shelves or inside a cupboard when not in use. So, if you have not already purchased these mini food processors for your kitchen, it is the time that you start looking for them right here. We have enlisted some of the best hand blenders in India to make your search easier and quantified.

1. Hongxin Electric Mixer Hand Blender

Hongxin Electric Mixer Hand Blender

Hongxin Electric Hand Blender operates on 1.5 V x 2 AA batteries. The blade is made up of stainless steel material and the handle is made with plastic so that users can easily hold them. This blender can be used for the purpose of whisking, blending, frothing, etc. This is a very easily portable appliance for the kitchen which comes in very economical pricing too. Since it operates on batteries, you are saving on electricity consumption bills too. You can use it for various mixings such as making froth on Latte Coffee, blending lassi, yogurt, whisking of egg yolk, cream, etc. It takes only a few seconds to finish the job at hand.


  • The single-handed operation makes it easy to use
  • Can perform every job of whisking, mixing, blending, and frothing at a good speed
  • Operates on battery thus saves your electricity expenses
  • It comes at a very economical price
  • Consumes less storage space
  • The inner structure is made up of reliable stainless steel while the outer cover is made of plastic to make it comfortable for holding


  • Since the product operates on the batteries, the speed is lesser than a fully electric hand blender

Why will you like this?

This product is a heart winner for not only it's pricing but easy operative functions. It can be carried easily in your travel bag too! Although the battery function does not support a heavy power motor, you can use it for day to day kitchen tasks for a small-sized family. It is easier to clean and maintain complying with the full value of money product standards. 

2. KTS Scarlett Hand Mixer 7 Speed with 4 pcs Stainless Blender

KTS Scarlett Hand Mixer 7 Speed with 4 pcs Stainless Blender

This blender by KTS Scarlett comes with 7-speed mechanisms. It means you can have the freedom of choosing different types of speeds for different types of preparations. If you have been doing all the mixing, whisking of ingredients using your hands, this blender will help you in simplifying the process. With variations in speeds, you can use it for light frothing purposes as well as heavy whisking jobs as well. It has a powerful motor and works on electricity thus being job-ready all the time.


  • 7-speed settings make the motor capable of mixing and blending anything
  • The product is designed with comfort in mind for handling
  • It comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to keep, clean and maintain
  • Does not require any set up before using
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • The outer plastic body is not sturdy

Why will you like this?

This appliance comes at a very reasonable price and can perform various functions related to blending, whisking, mixing, etc. It is a handheld device, therefore, next time you plan to beat your coffee, you may not have to do the process of taking out a spoon, mixing it and then putting the froth in the separate mugs. Just use this blender in one container, beat your coffee, add milk and again use it to develop froth! It makes life this much easier!

3. Inalsa INOX 1000 W Hand Blender Robot with Chopper, Whisker and Multipurpose Jar

Inalsa INOX 1000 W Hand Blender Robot with Chopper, Whisker and Multipurpose Jar

Inalsa is a household name in home and kitchen appliances. This powerful package consists of 3 utility functions- chopper, hand blender, and a multipurpose Jar. The hand blender is good enough to suffice heavy-duty whisking, mixing and blending tasks. There are additional things such as measuring cup and instruction manuals to sort out kitchen jobs.

The variable speed control feature with LED lights that comes along with stainless steel stem which is detachable makes it’s functioning easy and attractive. The sharp blades enable you to make purees, smoothies, and chutneys in no time. 


  • The lightweight multipurpose design makes it ideal for Indian kitchens
  • The LED light system is good for signifying the operation
  • There is a stainless steel stem which is detachable and thus easy to clean and keep
  • The multipurpose blending Jar can be used for various functions such as making chutneys, purees, etc
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on the motor


  • Expensive than its counterpart products

Why will you like this?

If you are a brand conscious buyer, then you will love this product. It is a complete value for its money. The powerful motor takes seconds to finish its job. You can use it to grind stuff as well along with sufficing other functions in the kitchen. The whipper, chopper, and blender perform amazing stuff while saving on your time, efforts and enhancing the texture of the food that you prepare using this appliance.

4. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt

Bajaj HM 01 Hand Blender 250-Watt

Have you lately been drifting apart from cooking just because of the preparation time and efforts? This small hand blender from the house of Bajaj may just help in relieving your tough times in the kitchen.

The Bajaj hand blender makes it easy for you to mix, blend, whisk, beat and even knead the ingredients of kitchen use. It comes with 3-speed functions to enable you to have better control over the task at hand. The motor operates on 250 W Power which is essentially good for its utility functions. Given its performance reviews, it is one of the best blenders in India and trusted by several households throughout the country.


  • The elegant design makes it perfect for kitchen decor
  • It performs many functions while consuming lesser power
  • 3-speed control enables the user to work on different settings of speeds
  • Removable attachments can be easily cleaned without fearing the water to enter the motor
  • Separate attachments for beater and dough hooks to specify the functions
  • The lightweight model is easy to hold


  • Creates a bit of sound while being used

Why will you like this?

For someone who loves to work in the kitchen, this hand blender is just the ideal product. It does not only look good but also maintains its classic performance with the subtle power of 250W. Even if you are going to use it at a stretch of 5-7 minutes, you will realize that it doesn’t get heated up. With its kneading attachment, it can almost kill the need of a dough maker in the kitchen while performing other functions of blending, whisking, etc.

5. Philips Daily Collection 250-Watt

Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender HL1655/00 250-Watt

Philips hand blender is designed with a strong grip and metallic arm which is rustproof. If you are looking for a hand blender that can do intense blending and whisking jobs, then Philips Daily collection is the product for you! It can support a nonstop working mechanism for approximately 20 minutes. You can easily blend more quantity of ingredients by giving suitable time to your blending procedure. Its special blades are designed to make a perfect puree, milkshakes, and lassi, etc. There are two separate blades for whisking and whipping which function effectively on 230 V motor power.


  • It has a powerful motor (250 Watts) to support all blending and whisking purposes
  • There are separate blades for whisking and whipping of cream and eggs
  • It comes with a stainless steel arm that is rust free and works effectively on cold and hot mixtures.
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on this product


  • Some customers have complained of noise that comes during long-duration usages.

Why will you like this?

This product supports intense blending needs for as long as 20 minutes. For example, if you are planning to churn butter out of thick full fat cream, you can use this blender which will perform the task patiently and persistently without getting heated up. The blades that come along with this appliance are detachable and can be used as per the need. Also, it is easy to clean and wash the blades by removing them. 

6. Orpat WOB 250-Watt 

Orpat WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender HHB-100E

Orpat has introduced this 250-Watt Hand Blending machine which can perform other difficult tasks in a few seconds such as beating, whipping the cream, churning, etc. The specialty of this blender is its 6-speed control functionality. The device has a comfortable design and heavy-duty motor to ease your mixing and blending jobs like a Genie!


  • It comes with a soft grip for making it convenient to hold and operate
  • The motor is apt to perform the functions of blending, churning, whisking, mixing and even crushing of vegetables and fruits. Its 6-speed control functions can be used as per the requirement.
  • The sharp stainless steel blades are efficient and rust-free.
  • The blades are removable and thus easier to clean and can be put in the dishwasher as well.


  • There is only one type of blade that comes along with this appliance.

Why will you like this?

If you are looking for a blender which not only is easy to use but also compact enough to be mounted on the wall, this Orpat hand blender is your perfect deal. It can perform all the blending, whisking and mixing tasks with greater efficiency. Moreover, the 2-meter cord that comes along with this appliance gives you the freedom to move about in the kitchen while using this device. 6-speed control settings are an elevated sense of freedom in usage of this appliance.

7. Prestige PHM 1.0 with One-Touch Turbo Button (250-W) 

Prestige PHM 1.0 with One-Touch Turbo Button (250-W) Hand Blender

Prestige is a household name in kitchen appliances. This hand blender is just an addition to their excellent product line. This device is designed to help in saving your precious time and efforts while making cooking more fun and experimental. This blender is capable of performing 3-in-1 functions of beating, whisking and mixing. There are 5-speed settings that can be adjusted for enjoying better control while performing any task.
The stainless steel material used in the manufacturing of blades is high quality and provides seamless blending through all sorts of dry and wet ingredients.


  • 5 adjustable speed settings to enhance the user experience and utility
  • The appliance is lightweight and comfortable to handle with easy-grip design.
  • The blades are made with high-quality steel to be able to cut through every type of wet and dry ingredients.
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty
  • It works on 250-Watte power which is considered good for its functionality needs and optimizing electricity spending.


  • Its motor is strong therefore even the basic minimum power is also higher in speed. It is suggested that you use a deep vessel while operating it, to avoid any stains.

Why will you like this?

The powerful motor is capable of performing every task with greater efficiency and ease. Prestige has maintained its brand sanctity in its operational design. There have been no complaints of overheating of the device while being used. The attachments look sturdy and bring about good results with their performance.

8. Maharaja Whiteline 350-Watt Hand Blender Turbomix King

Maharaja Whiteline 350-Watt Hand Blender Turbomix King

Maharaja Whiteline has been there for a really long time with its wide range of kitchen appliances. In this package, there is a combination of a blender, 500 ml chopper, and 800ml beaker, etc. This hand blender with chopper arrangement is just ideally suitable for various kitchen needs which are often cumbersome and time taking. If you face problems in the methodology of using any of its functionalities, the instruction manual will guide you the right way. You can use this appliance for even chopping of onions and small pieces of other vegetables such as carrots, capsicum which can be used as toppings for pizza and other similar dishes.


  • It has a strong motor of 350 Watts which ensures that your purees are going to be consistent and smoothies will be even glossier.
  • It comes with a 500 ml chopper to ensure that you do not spend time in fine chopping of vegetables and other ingredients.
  • There is a unique metal foot that is detachable too to ensure the stability of the device.
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on the product


  • The outer plastic which is used in its design is not very good

Why will you like this?

You will like this blender which comes with a strong power of 250 Watts along with a chopper which is highly useful in daily kitchen needs (After all, who does not chop onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes in Indian kitchens almost daily!) The 800 ml beaker is also a perfect dish for blending soups, purees, shakes, smoothies and other delicious beverages in the kitchen. It is a perfect package to serve as a mini food processor for your kitchen utility functions.

9. Black+Decker Hand Blender with Chopper 600 Watt

BlackDecker BXBL6002IN Hand Blender with Chopper 600 Watt

A hand blender with a surging power of 600 Watt! What else do we ask for! But there is more to this package of Black Decker which does not consist of only hand blender but also has a chopper along with it. It has a slim body that has various features, unlike simple hand blenders. The wall mount rack comes with the blending attachment which can be used for whisking, making smoothies and other purposes as well. There is an additional removable blender shaft to make cleaning easy and better. The chopper can be used to finely chop onions, garlic, and other vegetables. The variable speed settings enhance the user experience and stainless steel blades are a perfect buying attraction for the best material quality.


  • The appliance runs on a very high power of 600 Watts, ascertaining the best results during use.
  • The blades are multipurpose and made up with high-quality stainless steel material
  • There are various attachments in the product such as a blender, chopper, different blades, wall rack and a beaker too
  • It can perform a variety of functions ranging from whisking, whipping, blending, chopping, smashing, crushing, etc.
  • The product comes with 2 years warranty
  • Produces very less noise while being used


  • There are no other blades for chopper and blender.

Why will you like this?

This product is adored for its powerful motor function as well as the attachments that are inclusive in the package. When you have a hand blender and chopper – all in one package- then you can easily save your preparation time by 50-80% in the kitchen. This product comes with a convenient grip and separate functionalities. There is a beaker that can be used for all blending tasks. The best part is- it functions on low noise without awakening the whole house while being on the job!

10. Boss B101 Portable Hand Blender 125-Watt

Boss B101 Portable Hand Blender 125-Watt

Boss is a premium brand in appliances. With the name tag of this brand on any of the products in the market itself, you can rest assured about the quality. This versatile hand blender is helpful in completing a variety of functions at a faster pace. You can use it for daily chores of blending, mixing, frothing, etc.


  • There are 3 sharp blades to ensure better slicing through the ingredients
  • It is easy to maintain, clean and operate the device with simple design functions
  • The motor comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • It works on a power of 125 Watts which is good for making smoothies, purees, shakes and other blending based beverages
  • Wall mount stand for better installation


  • Cannot be used for heavy blending purposes like blending of spices etc

Why will you like this?

This is a lightweight model of hand blender which comes with a very simple design. This is more suitable for such kitchens where daily chores are simplified and do not require heavy tasks such as grinding etc. This blender is ideal for making purees, smoothies, lassi, shakes, etc. It comes along with a wall-mount stand to make it easier to keep.

How to find the best Hand Blenders?

When you set out to find the best hand blenders for daily use, keep in mind the following key points:

  1. Choose a blender that matches the size of your cooking. It means the size of the family. You will require a blender with a bigger capacity if you cook every meal for around 10 people. While if you live in a nuclear family set up, a small blender will suffice the purpose.
  2. Match the hand blender with suitable motor power. In a usual kitchen, 250-350 Watts of motor power can serve the purpose.
  3. Pick up the right speed of blender and thus use a device that allows you variable speed control functions.
  4. Look for the accessories that you require along with your blender. For example- some packages come along with a beaker and a chopper while others not! You must buy what you need.
  5. You can always strike the best deal in pricing by doing proper research through trustworthy blogs.
  6. Make sure that you look for the warranty card and expiry time.


1. How many speed controls should be in a blender?

A. There should be a minimum of 3 speed settings like- low, medium, high. It enables to specify your daily purpose needs. Other than that, you can look for speed settings based on the variation of cooking in your kitchen.

2. Which one is better in terms of performance- electricity operated blender or battery-operated blender?

A.It depends on the power of the blender. If you have a 250 W battery operated blender, it will definitely work better than a 125 W electricity operated the blender. Decide your purchase on the motor capacity, not the cord or cordless (battery) function.

3. Can hand blender be washed in the dishwasher?

A.Usually, the motor is not for washing and other detachable attachments need to be cleaned after used. If you are buying a good brand, most of the time their parts are dishwasher safe. If there is a doubt, you can check the description on the packaging or call and inquire from the customer care for more details. However, otherwise too, the parts of the blender can be easily washed by hand or can be cleaned by a muslin cloth by wiping.

4. Can I use a hand blender to crush ice?

A.Use metal beaker or dish to crush small cubes of ice with the mixer attachment. The blender attachment is usually not complied to crush large cubes of ice. There are some attachments that are made up of plastic we cannot use them to crush any ice while steel made attachments can perform the crushing job.

5. Should I consider the material which my immersion blender is made up of?

A.Yes, you should. The best and durable blenders are usually made up of high-grade food plastic with inner components of steels such as steel blades.

6. Can I use hot ingredients in my Hand Blender Processing?

A.Usually, they can be processed but with utter care. Try to avoid using hot ingredients on the plastic surface. Also, if your blender is metal made, the hot ingredients might just make it difficult for you to hold it for long. Thus, it is always advisable to wait for the heat to settle until warm temperatures before you use those ingredients.


This list consists of our research on trending and ranked best hand blenders in India by customers on the basis of their personal usage. As technology is advancing, we always need to keep in mind that we spend our hard-earned money into luxuries that aid our lives for simplifying it. The hand blenders have come to help the Indian Kitchen Cooking methodologies where we believed in chopping at home, maintaining hygiene and providing fresh home-cooked food to our loved ones. These hand blenders just make multitasking easier and help in catering to the needs of every loved one in the family.

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