Best kitchen exhaust fans in India [2020] Reviews

With the decreasing sizes of houses and changing modulations of the modern kitchens, there is a dire need to install exhaust fans in the kitchen. These fans not only maintain proper ventilation in the kitchen but also help in keeping the whole house clean and dry. There are places in India where the winters stay all round the year, the kitchen exhaust fans are used for drying the mopped and wet floor in such places. The need for exhaust fans for the kitchen is crucial when you do full-fledged cooking in your house every day.

It helps in getting rid of not only smoke and dust smell but also the unpleasant odor of any substance such as rotten eggs, spilled milk, burnt cake, fused wires, etc. In one way these small exhaust fans are saving the inmates of a house from suffocating smells and unpleasant odors that can affect the health negatively. The exhaust fans can circulate fresh air from outside in the whole perimeter area and make it easy to breathe healthy and fresh.

1. Crompton Brisk Air 250mm Exhaust Fan (White)

Crompton Brisk Air 250mm Exhaust Fan (White)

Being one of the oldest brands in India, Crompton Brisk Air Exhaust Fan gives high-speed ventilation to the kitchen area. It helps in sucking out the bad air, fumes and various germinating germs in the air within a few minutes. It comes in a sleek and elegant design to give a touch of sheer class to your kitchen. Its lightweight composition makes it easy to clean when needed.  This fan is completely made up of superior plastic and saves you from the worries of rust and corrosion.


  • No. Of blades: 5; Rotating Speed: 2370 rpm
  • Rate of airflow: 460 CU M/min
  • Power used: 50 watts
  • It is made with superior quality plastic with sleek, stylish design and rustproof in nature
  • Lightweight model
  • The powerful flow of air
  • Safety grill is inbuilt to add value
  • 2 years warranty


  • The ventilation fins at the rear do not look as good as the rest of the body

Why will you like this?

The body of this exhaust fan is made up of plastic that means there is no fear or concern about the rusting and corrosion. There are 5 blades in the fan to ensure that the unwanted odor, dust, smoke, etc get cleared within no time. The effective speed of 2730 rpm further enhances its value and working efficiency.

2. Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Most suitable for an Indian kitchen size which serves food to at least 5-7 members daily, this exhaust fan is a well-crafted design with 5 specific blades. The air quality improves in your surroundings by using this exhaust fan to a great extent. The sturdy plastic quality is used to manufacture the fan that makes it easier to clean, maintain and use. The safety guard ensures that it shuts off immediately after the operation on its own.


  • No. Of blades: 5; Rotating Speed: 1350 rpm
  • The high-quality plastic is used to build up the body of the fan while the blades are made with polypropylene
  • Sufficing capacity to exhaust the internal air
  • Easy to operate and install with a better fitment
  • Noise-free operation
  • Reasonable price to ensure complete value for money
  • Beautiful design 


  • Despite all features being very great, we recommend the fan speed could be a bit higher

Why will you like this?

The USP of this exhaust fan is its beautiful, sleek design and efficiency. If you have shifted to a new apartment or are looking forward to changing your existing kitchen exhaust, this product is definitely going to hit your liking parameters. It helps in exhausting the unwanted smell, fumes, and smoke from the kitchen and makes you breathe fresh air in no time!

3. Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan, 260 MM Frame Size (White)

Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan, 260 MM Frame Size (White)

Usha is a well-known brand in various home appliances in India. The best thing about this fan is that it comes from a home brand and designed to suit the Indian customer's understanding of the needs and types of cooking and odors that generally prevail in our kitchens. This exhaust fan comes with a sleek design and stylish look for modern interiors of the kitchen. It gives a noise-free, clean air output while cooking to help you concentrate only on cooking with love while in the kitchen. 


  • The automatic front shutter is most suitable for trendy false ceiling designs
  • Long-lasting operations with pole motor design
  • Its body and the blades are completely rustproof
  • Noiseless operation
  • There are 3-speed settings for different requirements
  • Consumes very less power- 19Watts
  • Very lightweight design
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Not effective for very large-sized kitchens

Why will you like this?

Usha offers genuine products to Indian households and has earned a name of credibility. The advantage of using this fan is that you can easily find its service and help centers easily even in a small city. Moreover, the brand value of Usha has maintained good performance parameters. It is easy to install and modern in appearance to suit your kitchen types. 

4. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Ventilating Fan (Black)


Usha crisp air is ideal for medium-sized Indian kitchens’ daily usage. It works efficiently without making any evitable sounds and disturbance while you are busy crafting delicious cooking experiments in the kitchen. Its smart design and 5 effectual blades contribute to relieving your interiors of fumes and odors to give clean and fresh air anytime. The automatic shutter is a great feature to ensure that the fan will stop automatically after performing its job even if you would forget to switch off its button.


  • No. Of blades: 5; Rotating Speed: 1250 RPM
  • Power consumed: 40 Watts
  • The automatic shutter enhances better safety and smart electricity consumption
  • No Rust Body and Blades
  • Noise-free working
  • Light in weight model
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year


  • The rotating speed of the fan is considerably low so it might actually take a few more minutes to complete its task

Why will you like this?

This fan is made up of rustproof material to ensure that you can use it for a long time as you want and can be susceptible to the moisture and effects of weather in the air. Moreover, the black color reduces your maintenance hassles too as you may not have to clean it for its appearance as often as a white color one. The automatic shutter ensures that it will shut down on its own when the job gets done!

5. Maa-Ku 220V Aluminium Die-Cast & Plastic Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Maa-Ku 220V Aluminium Die-Cast & Plastic Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Maa-Ku offers affordable kitchen exhaust fans that deliver good performance with its robust functionality features. The body of this exhaust is made up of die-cast metal which is usually free from corrosion and rusting. The metal body makes it long-lasting and durable. There are 5 blades that contribute to improving the quality of air in your kitchen and home at any point in time. The aluminum-based die-cast metal is easy to clean and maintain with a durable finish.


  • No. Of blades: 5
  • It is made up of aluminum die-cast metal which is enduring and durable
  • Available in a stylish and compact design
  • Rustproof blades and the body
  • Efficient performance with the fans working at high speed


  • In-built safety grill is missing

Why will you like this?

The Maa-Ku high-speed exhaust fan works on a highly efficient motor that consumes less power to give superior performance. The product comes under the warranty of 1 year that further strengthens its claim at being a long-lasting performer to support the air hygiene in your kitchen. 

6. Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

Havells Ventilair DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Pista Green)

Havells is a well-known brand for providing cutting edge technology-based products and electronic appliances in India. They deliver products that are not only performance-oriented but also suit most of the budgetary limitations of an average Indian buyer. Ventilator DSP is a result of one of their sound technologies to master the cleaning of air in the Indian kitchens without leaving any trails of odor and smoke behind. The carefully crafted blades and the body of this exhaust fan are built up using reliable metal to withstand any temperature and weather conditions. 


  • No. Of blades: 3; Rotating speed: 1350 RPM
  • Rate of airflow: 510 CMH
  • There is a bird guard to protect the fan from outer disturbances such as bird attacks etc. 
  • Metallic shining finish coated with powder to make it look smart and ease the cleaning too
  • Robust steel used to manufacture the blades and the body
  • Long-lasting quality


  • The rotating speed is only adequately moderate

Why will you like this?

This exhaust fan comes with a shining metallic surface due to the powder coating on the metal blades and the body. The blades are specially designed to allow maximum air from inside to pass outside. The fan uses a minimal power of 40 Watts to perform its operation and thus saves your electricity. The bird guard is an excellent feature to protect not only your fan but the kitchen from any outer influenced by birds. 

7. HARMAN INDUSTRIES Euro-4 AXAIL Ventilation/Exhaust Fan 4-inch

HARMAN INDUSTRIES Euro-4 AXAIL Ventilation/Exhaust Fan 4-inch

This cute exhaust fan for the kitchen window is an outstanding technology that leaves your kitchen space as fresh as unused within minutes. The fan is offered by HARMAN INDUSTRIES which comes in a very lightweight and compact size. It offers an ideally fast option to deal with your kitchen odor issues with its fast rotating fan blades. The noiseless operation is a commendable feature to bring in healthy air without anyone particularly noticing its sound. 


  • No. Of blades: 3; Rotating speed: 2200RPM
    The motor is made up of copper which is the best metal to conduct maximum electricity through itself.
    Works on a high-speed model
    The modernized screw-less easy to install fitting is an added advantage
    It works on low power to save electricity consumption
    It does not produce any noticeable sound while operating
    Comes with a warranty of 2 years


  • Suitable only for medium-sized kitchens

Why will you like this?

In fact, you will really need to dig for some reasons not to like this product in this category! It works on an excellent speed mechanism while consuming very low power. This is an ideal product for Indian households where the kitchen is fully functional. The beautiful sleek appearance is ideal for modern kitchen designs. The 2 years warranty is a healthy sign of its long durability and performance. 

8. A&Y Shivako Copper Fresh Air Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom

A&Y Shivako Copper Fresh Air Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom

This is a high-speed exhaust fan that will bring freshness to the kitchen during any difficult circumstance (burnt, roast, fish cooking), etc. The light in weight design is built on contemporary terms to give an aesthetic look to your kitchen decor. You can use this exhaust fan in the kitchen as well as other needful places such as bathrooms, offices, garage or storerooms, etc. The copper metal is one of the best conductors of electricity and its winding is 100% copper. This product is purely made in India and thus designed to be economical in price and good in performance. 


  • No. Of blades: 3
  • High-speed ventilation
  • Made of 100% copper winding
  • Comes under warranty of 1year
  • Reasonably priced, value for money


  • Customer support is not actively responsive

Why will you like this?

This product comes in an average buyer’s price range bracket. If you are looking for a viable solution to get rid of unwanted smoke and dust from the kitchen area (or another closed area) then this fan is a good choice. You can install it in your bathroom, garage and other closed areas as well. Its blades rotate at high speed to provide convenient ventilation. 

9. Resonance Electronically Commutated Exhaust Fan

Resonance Electronically Commutated Exhaust Fan

People have varying sizes of accommodations and thereby the size of the kitchen can be big or small. If your kitchen is small in size then this resonance exhaust fan is going to be a good pick. Not only kitchen this fan can be ideally used for a small size store room which is always in the backyard or periphery of our homes. The advantage of this fan is that it serves dual purposes- it works as an exhaust fan on the front side and as a cooling fan on the backside. Even PG dwellers and hostellers will find this fan to be an optimal solution to their suffocation problems.


  • No. Of blades: 3
  • Operates on very less power consumption and saves energy
  • Does not raise the motor temperature very high leading to long life sustainability
  • Portable fan cum exhaust features make it a multi-purpose exhaust cum cooling fan
  • Can be installed or used as a stand-alone fan
  • Economically priced


  • Small in size, cannot be used for larger spaces
  • Makes noise

Why will you like this?

This fan has been designed to keep the ‘smaller needs’ in mind. It will help in cleaning the air from those small areas where you do not usually find much space to install a bigger exhaust fan. Looking at its price it is worth the money you are going to spend. This small cute fan offers an attractive design, high-speed ventilation, and free standalone features to make it one of the contenders in our list.

10. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

This is a uniquely designed air buddy kitchen fan which will not only exhaust the smoke and odor but also appease the ambiance of the kitchen altogether. Since exhaust fan can only clear the air in the fan but cannot control the heat and temperature that sometimes bothers the one who cooks to extremes. We cannot even install a ceiling or running fan into the kitchen due to the burning flame around. This air buddy is THE MOST OPTIMAL solution to enhance the environment of your kitchen. More than the usability, you will fall in love with its design and features. 


  • Personalized design for soft airflow with adjustable louver
  • Soothes the environment of your kitchen completely
  • No hassles of installation, it is portable and can be carried around easily
  • Compact and lightweight design to acquire minimal space in the kitchen
  • Can be mounted on the wall, slated under a cabinet or kept on a table- horizontally or vertically
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Removable filters for cleaning
  • No fear of blades, enhanced safety for kids and pets
  • Works on high speed- 2600 RPM
  • Rate of air flow:700 CBH


  • Airflow is quite less and thus needs to be used in the proximity of the user

Why will you like this?

This is a new technology to be used for modern kitchens. These days the kitchens are generally submerged into the dining areas. Even if not, we need to use an appliance that not only enhances the beauty of the home/kitchen decor but also purposefully solves the problem. This air buddy is one of those solutions for your kitchen air-based issues. It is a lightweight, portable fan that can be used in any position that you may like- vertically or horizontally. There is a regulator to control the levels of speed.

Buying guide: How to Select the Best Exhaust Fan for Your Kitchen?

The basic purpose of putting an exhaust fan in the kitchen is to get rid of unwanted odor, suffocating smell and unpleasing moisture conditions in the kitchen that get created due to varieties of cooking. Although the functional need is the same the performance of the exhaust fan depends on a lot of features that you select at the time of buying. Let us discuss in detail about these features so that you can make the best buying decisions to suit your needs.

1. Size: For domestic kitchens of medium size, a 12-inch exhaust fan size will serve a good purpose. However, if you are doing a business or have a bigger kitchen set up to operate a business from home etc, then you may need a large sized exhaust capacity. Depending on your requirement, select the size of your exhaust fan.

2. The material of the blades:There are 2 basic types of blades materials- plastic or metal. If you think you may have to clean the blades quite often then it is better to buy metal-based blades as they come with a polish and are easier to be cleaned. However, the fear of rusting prevails with metallic structures especially when the top coating wears away.
Therefore, if you think the exhaust fan is susceptible to moisture then it is advisable to buy high quality based plastic blades. They are resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and often durable enough to a quantifiable number of years. A good brand would ensure that!

3. Air delivery or the Rate of Air Flow: The amount of air that has to be exhausted is termed as air delivery which is measured in cubic meter per hour (CBH). It can be understood that the better is air delivery, the faster will be the expelling process of internal air. However, usually the fans with greater speed of air delivery consumer more power than others.
r all around.

4. Noise-free condition: These days no one wants to become deaf in the kitchen after turning on the exhaust fan while cooking. People prefer to buy noise-free or very low decibel sound-based fans for households. Usually, the high sound creating fans is cheaper in price but they can be irritating for daily use. For industrial purposes, this feature can be overlooked but for domestic use try to select a noise-free exhaust fan.

5. Energy consumption: Normally exhaust fans consume minimal energy. However, if you choose a high-speed exhaust, it is understood that it will consume more power to give better performance.
High-speed ventilation is needed only when you have to continuously get rid of a large amount of smoke. For everyday kitchen usage, a normal ventilator fan will suffice the need and soothe your electricity budget too. 

6. Bird guard or external guard: Other than the climatic conditions, the kitchen exhaust fans are mostly disrupted by birds especially pigeons and crows. Therefore, buy an exhaust fan that comes with an external cover known as a bird guard. It will help in saving the blades and motor of your exhaust and will eventually save the lives of those innocent birds that enter the fan unknowingly.


1. How to size the kitchen exhaust fan?

A. There are a simple maths to decide on sizing the exhaust fan for your kitchen: multiply the measure of cubic feet in the kitchen by the order of air exchanges. Thereafter divide the final result with 60 (minutes in an hour). 

2. Which is the best brand for the kitchen exhaust fan?

A. Although there are various fans that work on superior quality parameters we recommend: Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan, 260 MM Frame Size. 

3. Which are the common yet popular brands that produce best kitchen exhaust fans in India?

A. The most popular brands are Crompton, Usha, and Havells. However, there are other brands that have delivered high-quality fans and are admired by users such as Harman Industries and Luminous brands. 

4. Will a stovetop exhaust fan help in making the kitchen cooler?

A.It depends on the situation and weather conditions too. The basic purpose of installing an exhaust fan is to expel the hot air outside as its tendency is to rise. But if the weather is generally hot itself or the cooking creates a lot of heat, there may be no effect of cooling. However, it makes sure that the air you breathe is fresh and not suffocating. 

5. How to clean kitchen exhaust fan?

A.There are various parts of a kitchen exhaust fan that need to be cleaned:
1.Blades can be cleaned by dipping a scrub or cloth in soapy water or baking soda.
2.Use a scrubber to remove grease or thick coating of dust from outside and then clean it with a cloth dipped in warm water.
3.Clean the mesh (if implied) using the thrust of air if there are minute impurities in it.

6. Do I need to use an exhaust fan in my bathroom or laundry room as well?

A.Why not! The exhaust fans in the bathrooms are often needed as they help in cutting down the moisture and odor that traps inside. In fact, it is a premium requirement to soothe the environment in your bathroom. However, for the laundry room, you may or may not have to install an exhaust. If there is no other air outlet, you can definitely use it to avoid the humidity inside the perimeters of the room. 


Many people tend to confuse the exhaust fan with the regular cooling or table fan in the kitchen. However, they regret the decision after buying the wrong product. The modern kitchens need a properly functioning exhaust fan so that you can eat healthy and stress-free cooked meals at home. Exhaust fans ensure that you do not smell the ‘tadka’ or ‘burnt milk’ when you step into the home from outside. It not only relieves from bad odors and dust in the house but also maintains basic hygiene in the air by circulating the air completely. So, buy the best exhaust fan for the kitchen and bring all-round freshness in your home. Small things, make a lot of difference.

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