Best Microwave Utensils in India Reviews

Microwave ovens have been like a boon for the kitchen. Not only they serve to be as the user’s delight but also have given numerous options of healthy, fried-free and tasteful eating to people across the globe. Microwave oven reduces your cooking time as well as efforts and makes things simpler. This device also helps in reducing your dependency on kitchen based fuel consumption such as gas and other ignition material.

For example, if you wanted to just warm up the milk you wanted to drink, simply pour the milk in a ceramic cup and heat for 30 seconds. No hassle of putting it into a pan and then turning on the gas and transferring it in a glass again- the process gets cut short to direct heating! However, such comforts just may demand a few lifestyle changes, especially in the kitchen. For example, you needed a ceramic glass, not a steel or plastic container. Similarly, microwave-based utensils need to be introduced into the kitchen and should be used for maximum purposes.

When you go ahead to buy microwave-safe utensils, a few things are needed to be taken care of-

  • Invest in branded products as they give you healthy outcomes and do not break and melt easily
  • They should not be heated up quickly and must possess temperature resistance
  • The high-grade polymer should be used in its manufacturing so that chemical doesn't secret into the food.
  • Do not mix up the concept of utensils for microwave (heating etc) and utensils for baking. They have a different purpose and different make!

Considering this information we provide you the list of 10 best microwave utensils that are available for Indian customers:

1. H Hy-tec Microwave Safe Stainless Steel Euro Lid Bowl, Blue - Set of 3

For easy handling and usage, this product is one of the best in this category. Made up of a heat resistant 100% stainless steel material, this is a set of 3 stylish blue colored microwave bowls for cooking.

The H Hy-tec bowls are enabled to withstand heat temperature up to 80 degrees Celsius with high-temperature resistant abilities. The brand ensures that users can directly put them from the freezer to the microwave without having to worry about their wear and tear. These vessels have an outer coating to keep them scratch-free and do not let them appear cloudy to make them dishwasher friendly as well. 


  • The bowls are made up of 100% stainless steel material
  • Can be used for freezing as well as heating purposes
  • Easy to clean, wash and maintain
  • Unbreakable, scratch-free and reliable bowls
  • There are three containers in the set for different uses- 1300 ml, 900 ml, and 500 ml respectively
  • They can be used easily for the purpose of COOKING as well as REHEATING along with FREEZING.
  • All the containers are provided with lids


  • The exterior of utensils starts getting heated at a temperature above 80 degrees Celsius.
  • The lids of the containers are not of microwave-safe quality.

Why will you like this?

This product is ideal for normal cooking and reheating purposes. Although not ideal for high-temperature applications, these containers are good for basic microwave functions in day to day life. The different sizes allow you to interchange the usage based on quantity. They are nonbreakable unlike glassware and thus provide long-duration reliability. 

2. Treo Microwave Safe Borosilicate Mixing Glass Bowl, White - Combo of 3

Treo is a popular brand in kitchenware products. These mixing bowls have been made using very good quality of borosilicate glass which is scratch-free and nonporous material. There are 3 mixing bowls in the package which are different in size enabling the buyers to extend their usage with these containers for varying quantities- 500 ml, 1000 ml,1500 ml respectively. The bowls come in round shape and transparent glass walls.

It enables the users to easily extract the food out them as well as the mixing of layers can be seen through easily. These containers have an elegant appearance that makes these bowls look classic and stylish in your kitchen. These bowls are easy and handy for your kitchen's daily purposes. You can put these containers into the dishwasher as well as can be wiped and cleaned easily by manual washing too. 


  • Round base enables easy pouring of food
  • These are dishwasher safe containers and thus can be washed properly and easily.
  • They are made up of scratch-resistant and nonporous material
  • The food which is kept in these containers does not have any chance of getting chemically bleached.
  • The finish of the containers is elegant for kitchen purposes
  • The high-quality glass is used for their manufacture.


  • Cannot be used on the gas stove for cooking

Why will you like this?

You will like the user-friendly manufacturing of these glass containers by Treo. At first, their size variants enable you to cater to a wide range of quantities. Then they are easy to clean for example you can simply wipe and clean them if needed to reuse immediately. When the food is microwaved in these containers, the best part is that- only the food portion gets heated up and the rest of the places in the bowl are just warm thus making it easier to be picked up. So you do not always have to go on to keep looking for mitts for holding them, they can be held practically well with bare hands too. 

3. HomeJoy Reusable Microwave Silicone Stretch Lids

Homejoy brings to you an entire convenience with silicone lids that can be used for various purposes. These lid caps are microwave safe and thus you can use them with any microwave-safe container. These are flexible and stretchable lids that can be comfortably adjusted on various sizes of bowls, mugs, cups, cans, plates, and glasses, etc. They can be stretched, adjusted and used over a variety of sizes however they are available in 6 sizes.

Homejoy has brought a kitchen solution in the form of these silicone lids. You do not have to worry about that food which is left spared. These silicone lids will keep your food relatively fresh until your next meal timing. You can directly reheat the food in these containers in a microwave oven. These lids are made up of food-grade quality, BPA-free, and non-toxic material. So, they are completely safe for various kitchen purposes. 


  • Stretchable, flexible lids can be easily adjusted to varying sizes
  • Available in 6 different sizes for different containers such as cans, mugs, bowls, plates, cups, glasses. These lids can be used on varying shapes as well.
  • Helps in preventing the leftover food from wasting as these silicone lids retain the freshness of food for a long time
  • Absolutely safe for microwave and freezer usages as they are heat and cold resistant products
  • They are made up of eco-friendly material and thus help in reducing the dependency on plastic
  • Quite economical in price


  • Not recommended for using while cooking

Why will you like this?

These are tight lids for your round or square-shaped containers and thus help in keeping the food fresh for long hours. These are easy to wash and wipe. As they come in different sizes, you will definitely find something suitable for every container in the kitchen that you may want to give an airtight seal.

4. Borosil Mixing Bowl Glass - Set of 3 

Borosil is a popular and premium household brand that has a rich lineage in microwave-safe utensils in India. You will find Borosil utensils almost in every household that uses microwave oven quite often. About this particular product, there are various reasons that mandated their presence on our list.

This transparent bowls-set of 3- comes with a flat bottom surface and thus prevents from getting toppled in the microwave. There are 3 different sizes to meet different requirements. The glass used in Borosil products is of high quality and nonporous. Thus, these containers are easy to be cleaned and do not keep stains. More than anything else, whatever the temperature your food is into, these glass containers do not influence the quality and taste of your food at all! You can easily use them for various purposes in the kitchen different than microwaves such as serving, kneading the dough, mixing and making the batter, etc.


  • Available in 3 varying sizes- 500 ml, 900 ml, 1.3 ltr
  • These 3 bowls are completely microwave and convection safe. They can be used for freezing purposes as well. They can withstand temperatures of around 300 degrees Celsius.
  • The hard and tough material of these bowls make them resistant to cracks and chips
  • These are easy to wash and clean with a hand as well as safe to be used in the dishwasher as well.
  • Products come with a warranty of 2 years


  • Heavier in size as compared to other products
  • No lids

Why will you like this?

The set of 3 glass mixing bowls by Borosil comes with an artistic appearance. They can serve varied utility functions in the kitchen. If you are looking towards buying something easy to use, wash and manage- just invest in these Borosil containers without thinking twice. You can rest assured of great food quality and classic appeal into your kitchen while using these glass bowls. 

5. Femora Glass Borosilicate  - Food Storage Container with Air Vent Lid

Femora is not a very popularly known brand because of its recent inception in the market. However, it has come up with a reliable and trustworthy lineage of products that have already been liked and appreciated by the users for various reasons. Their quality, pricing, and user-friendly product placement strategy have been welcomed by users with open arms. These bowls are leakage proof as the lids are available with these products. They are convection and microwave safe and you can directly store your food into these containers without having to transfer in other containers.

These microwave oven vessels are round in shape but their flat bottom surface prevents them from getting toppled in the oven. They are completely safe to use with their BPA AND BPS free technique and thus do not allow and chemical mixing into your food while in use.

As these are borosilicated bowls, they can be easily put into the dishwasher or wiped and cleaned manually into the kitchen without having to worry about them getting stained.


  • The set consists of 3 glass bowls with their lids- 380 ml, 580 ml, 940 ml
  • Easy to use in microwave and convection as well as the freezer.
  • They can be put into the dishwasher
  • These microwave bowls are BPS and BPS free and keep the quality and odor of your food preserved for a long time.
  • The airtight lids prevent any leakage and spills
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The bowls are relatively smaller in size
  • The lids although are made up of high-quality plastic but are not microwave safe

Why will you like this?

There are various reasons you will be urged to buy these containers for your microwave and other kitchen purposes. Pricing is lesser than comparative borosilicate glass bowls and they come with an added advantage of airtight lids along with. Lids make the products comparatively leakage proof and spill-proof too. Although the bowls are said to be smaller in size this quality makes them apt for using as Tiffin too. 

6. KINSHIP INDIA Stainless Steel Microwave Safe Small Lunch Containers

This product comes from the house of Kinship India and consists of 6 same sized lunch containers that are microwave safe. Well, to answer your fears, they are NOT MADE OF PLASTIC. Instead, they are MADE UP OF reliable STAINLESS STEEL material. You can use them easily in office or college lunch packing which can be directly put into a microwave oven before eating. The exterior of these small and handy lunch boxes is made up of polypropylene material that makes it microwave adaptable.

This product is fairly priced considering their usage as well as the given capacity of these small lunch boxes. They are 300 ml each and can be used for packing a variety of dishes for lunch such as chapatti, vegetable curries, dal, curd, rice, etc.

The lids provided with this microwave-safe cookware are airtight and thus spill-proof. However, the lids do not microwave safe so when you are putting them for reheating in your oven, just remove the caps and put them directly into the microwave. 


  • There are 6 airtight containers in this package enabling users to pack various types of foods into them.
  • The lids are leakage and spill-proof.
  • The size and capacity of these small microwave-safe lunch boxes are appropriate for serving as a lunch box for the whole family- 300 ml each.
  • These containers are made up of stainless steel materials at the interiors and coated with a layer of polypropylene at the outside.
  • These can ideally be used into the microwave oven for reheating without lids


  • Since the exterior is coated with polypropylene so it gets heated first. Thus, it just takes a little longer in heating the content of the food.

Why will you like this?

When you prepare hot and piping meals for your loved ones and want them to eat it with all its freshness and taste then why to make them compromise with it! This product uniformly serves your Tiffin needs as well as another day to day food preserving requirements in the kitchen. You just have to remove their lids before putting them directly into the microwave oven for heating. The lids make these Tiffin boxes as spill-proof and the airtight packing retains the odor and texture of food.

Why do we recommend these products?

We have gone through our research in trying to understand the various needs of microwave-safe utensils into the kitchen. The products mentioned in our list are just a result of that research that caters to various types of kitchen based needs. Most of the products listed here serve more than just one purpose and thus have become favorites of young kitchen millennials.

In this age of running around the chores and trying to balance work and home life, we understand that everyone wants to reduce their kitchen work as well as the cost. At the same time, we want the best products to be used for our loved ones for their health and maintaining the status of home decor too. These products just serve most of these purposes for you. Take a look and make your best buying decisions with its help.

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