Best Mosquito Killer In India [2020] Reviews

Mosquitoes have caused unprecedented menace in the past few years in India. Especially during summer seasons, their numbers start increasing manifold. There have been reports by WHO that propagate a large number of deaths occurring only in India every year due to mosquito bites! This anatomy has left us with no option but to look for the best mosquito killer in India to safeguard our family members from their hazards. Small children and sick people are more prone to mosquito bite based diseases as their immunity is comparatively lower.

In India, we are yet to reach those standards of healthy surroundings and lifestyles where we will be able to deal with the increasing population of mosquitoes effectively. Until then we need to find a solution in the form of mosquito repellents for our home, office and other living spaces. We have come across various queries where people complain of buying ineffective mosquito repellents and having no effect on the mosquitoes in their surroundings. The increasing resistance of mosquitoes to the normal repellents is alarming at the same time we look for solutions that provide health-based optimal solutions to mosquito killers. Therefore, we have brought forward this list for you to help you in finding the best mosquito killer for your family. 

1. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet - Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet - Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light

HIT brand needs no introduction in the industry of Insect Killer products. The mosquito repellent sprays from the company have become a synonym with the word “HIT” to the meaning of “anti-mosquito spray” itself.

This anti-mosquito racquet by HIT is laced with a 400mAh battery that is rechargeable and lasts for as long as one month after every charge depending on the usage. You will not need to drag a long wire or adapter or batteries to charge this racquet. There is an inbuilt socket attachment that can be put in the plug directly for fast charging. There are many advanced features of the racquet that makes it stand out of the competition. 


  • Bright light LED help in killing the mosquitoes when it gets dark
  • A strong battery of 400 mAh that can last for approx 1 month with one charge
  • Durable, strong material used for building it up
  • It comes with a warranty of 6 months
  • Unique design and shape 


  • The battery is not made up with lithium-ion
  • Cannot be used if not charged

Why will you like this?

This is a very good quality, durable and well-designed racquet that comfortably suffices the purpose of killing mosquitoes at the outset. It is made up of reliable plastic that allows users to keep the disease-prone mosquitoes away. The long-lasting battery is another advantage that should be considered. 

2. Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Machine

Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Machine

You must have spotted this mosquito killer machine in many restaurants and public places that are largely susceptible to the intrusion of insects. The high beam light is meant to attract the flying insects and an electric shock is applied to kill them as they approach near. Their high effectiveness and harmlessness to the environment have become a major reason for their popularity and wide acceptability. This particular machine is able to cover around 3000 sq. ft. of an area that is quite significant for large spaces. 


  • Significant area covered (3000 sq. ft.) for protection against not only mosquitoes but all flying insects
  • Compact design and easy to install facility
  • Safe for the environment
  • Consumes 40 W power
  • Comes under a warranty of 1 year
  • Made in India


  • Weight of 6 kg needs proper fitment on the wall.

Why will you like this?

This product has proven to be highly useful in such settings where food, leftovers, and spilled grains are a common sight. In many local and branded restaurants or food chains also, the product has been effective for a long period. It is completely manufactured in India and thus we can be assured of finding its spare parts easily in local shops. Moreover, if you face any technical glitch, it can be repaired easily being an Indian manufactured product. 

3. Ravin Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Trap

Ravin Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Trap

RAVIN Mosquito Killer LED lamp uses electronic technology to attract harmful mosquitoes towards it. The LED light aims to emit radiation that draws the mosquitoes towards itself and kills them. it is a completely safe product that can be used in your kids’ room as well. The plastic body makes it resistant to electric shock and current for human beings. Its design is aimed to kill mosquitoes preferably and not flies and other insects as it works on very low LED voltage. The environment-friendly built ensures that there is no emission of smoke, shock or heat to affect human beings in any possible way.


  • Safe to use
  • No emissions, No harmful chemicals, completely environment-friendly product
  • Easy to use and clean from time to time
  • LED light consumes very less power and releases effective radiation
  • Uses LED to trap the mosquitoes and a high-speed fan to kill them
  • Consumes ONLY 2.5 W of power which is quite nominal
  • Highly efficient product
  • Small, compact and light in weight design
  • It's a cost-effective product


  • Designed particularly for mosquitoes, cannot be used to get rid of flies

Why will you like this?

Unlike any high voltage consuming product, Ravin Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp can effectively operate at a voltage of 2.5W which is very less. The LED light attracts the mosquitoes which are killed by an in-built high-speed fan. You can use this product safely in your kids’ room or for anyone who has a major sensitivity to mosquito repellent sprays or liquids. There are no emissions or hazards to the environment in its use. 

4. Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machine

Hunter Mosquito Repellant Machine

This is a plastic built mosquito killer machine for home presented by Hunter which is blue in color and works on electrical corded function. It uses LED light and the mechanism of a high-speed fan to trap and kill the mosquitoes effectively. The product comes under a warranty of 6 months from the manufacturer that is an effective assurance of the working and usability of the product. It comes in a simple, light-weight design with easy operational functionalities. You may just need to put the plug in a power socket and let it perform its operation while you freely roam around or sleep in your room. 


  • The company provides 100% quality assurance with a 6 months warranty
  • Timely customer support is another added advantage
  • Highly efficient in trapping and killing the mosquitoes using LED light
  • Safe to use, no emissions, no harmful chemicals, no shock or odor release
  • Does not cause any noise while being used
  • Can be used in any indoor area conveniently


  • This product can be used only in an indoor or covered area for maximum effectiveness

Why will you like this?

It is an easy to use and effective way to get rid of unwanted mosquitoes from your house. People who have used it increasingly share the pictures of killed mosquitoes to give quality assurance. In today’s age of high pollution causing agents everywhere, this mosquito killer lamp is a boon for home-based use. It works silently in the dark while you enjoy a sound sleep without any disturbance.

5. BLOOM HOUSE™ Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine

BLOOM HOUSE™ Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine

What will be your reaction when you get a mosquito killer lamp along with an LED night light lamp and that too in less than the price of your pizza? This bionic trap for mosquitoes is presented by BLOOM HOUSE that uses pure physical killing treatment for mosquitoes. The purple light which is emitted from the lamp attracts the mosquitoes that get trapped in its anti-escape funnel beneath. The mosquitoes tend to get dried up and die eventually in the funnel. There are no chemicals or fumes used to perform the killing and thus it is one of the safest ways to get rid of harmful mosquitoes from your home.


  • The cutting edge bionic purple wave technology to trap and kill mosquitoes
  • A compact sized lamp which is light in weight and portable
  • Causes no harm to the air in your room as it doesn't use any chemicals, fumes or harmful reactants
  • It can perform the dual function of a night lamp along with being an effective mosquito killer
  • Easy to use and clean technique


  • Works only in the indoor areas
  • Mostly effective for night usage only

Why will you like this?

For the best results with this lamp, the room should be made as dark as it can be and the device must be kept significantly away from the fan. It is one of the safest techniques of killing the mosquitoes while you sleep conveniently in your room. Its portable facility and less than half a kg weight allow you to shift the device from one room to another if you want to shift it. 

6. ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper, Insect Killer

ZIGMA Metal 20W Electric Bug Zapper, Insect Killer

ZIGMA Metal Electric Bug Zapper uses light to be spread in all directions to attract the mosquitoes. It can cover a significantly large area and thus can be used in the home and office space conveniently. This eco-friendly machine functions with the consumption of less power and noiseless functionality. There is a tray provided at the bottom of the appliance where the dead insects get trapped. You can remove it and clean it from time to time with ease. It is one of the best performing techniques that have been tried and tested in the market to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying bugs. 


  • Easy to install and portable design
  • Works on noise-free, chemical-free and fumes-free techniques.
  • Uses only 20 W of power to perform its highly efficient operations
  • The bottom tray can be removed and cleaned on a timely basis
  • It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor spaces too


  • It needs to be kept away from human touch as it can cause electric shock while being in use.
  • Effective in darker areas mostly 

Why will you like this?

Its metallic body and compact design make it elegant to be kept in your home and office spaces. The added advantage is that you can use it in outdoor areas for example if you want to host a lawn party in the night, these machines are very useful. Its light in weight design makes it easy to be carried in the needful spaces as and when needed. 

7. ZALTAN Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Lamp

ZALTAN Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper  Mosquito Killer Lamp

This super stylish design of ZALTAN mosquito killer LED light lamp has become one of the favorite picks of the buyers these days. Its 365 nm bionic wave which is violet in color is meant to produce human-body equivalent attraction for the flying insects that include mosquitoes and the other flying bugs as well. It performs the dual roles of night lamp along with its basic functionality of killing the mosquitoes in its trap. You can rest assured while using this device while in sleep as it does not produce any noise or harmful effect. 


  • Uses 365 nm bionic violet wave to attract the bugs
  • It comes with a 3-D wrap and upgraded vortex system for better airflow
  • Gives a noise-free effect while being operated
  • No harmful emissions or side-effects
  • Completely safe to use and extremely efficient in its job
  • Can be used as a night lamp too
  • Ideal for closed, darker areas
  • Gets easily powered by any USB device such as power bank, laptop or phone adapter, etc.
  • Light in weight, portable design
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can be used in dark areas only so that the violet light can effectively trap the mosquitoes

Why will you like this?

The customers have a long list of appreciable qualities of this ZALTAN Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp. It can be ideally referred to as a pest control machine in your home as it can attract and trap and visible bugs towards it and make them die consequently. The stylish and elegant design will encourage you to flaunt it with your guests and friends in the living room area. One of the best aspects is that it does not cause any hazards to the environment with its performance.

8. ISABELLA Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

ISABELLA Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

The Electric Mosquito killing lamp works with light waves of 365 nm that are specifically designed to attract mosquitoes. It works purely on the technique of eradicating mosquitoes in a physical way so that they do not reproduce themselves in your surroundings. This is an effective mosquito killing machine for Indian households where different seasons and weather changes bring varying circumstances around the residential areas such as meshy, water clogging in rain, dryness, flying smoke and insects in summer, etc. The strong suction ability of this lamp traps the mosquitoes and kills them by inhaling. 


  • Economical pricing
  • A smart, compact and very light-weight machine that can be easily kept in any corner of the room
  • Works best in night conditions when it is darker
  • Effective suction to inhale and kill the mosquitoes
  • Easy to clean on a daily basis with detachable bottom
  • An eco-friendly product does not cause any smoke, emissions or residue


  • It can work ONLY with 3 amp USB plug

Why will you like this?

This eco-friendly mosquito killing lamp is highly advisable for any household that suffers mosquito bites on an increasing basis. It can work effectively for the whole night and let you have a sound sleep until morning. Its lamp is compact and cute in design that can be placed anywhere you want. There are no emissions like the mosquito coils do, there is no smell like mosquito liquids create, etc. It is completely safe to use the product.

9. RAREERAM 2 in 1 Rechargeable Mosquito/Insect Racket BAT with Detachable LED Torch - White

RAREERAM 2 in 1 Rechargeable Mosquito/Insect Racket BAT with Detachable LED Torch - White

This mosquito killer racket comes with a detachable LED torch to ease the usage. Its 3-layer design is capable of destroying not only the mosquitoes but the unwanted flying insects in your living area. The high voltage current when comes in contact with a flying body(insect), it tends to kill that insect with shock. This racket has an easy grip and compact design to make its usage fun as well as effective. 


  • Compact design with an easy, strong grip
  • Highly effective in physical elimination of mosquitoes and other flying insects
  • The rechargeable facility ensures the long life of the racket, 4.5 hours back up
  • It is completely safe to use with its activation button
  • 3-layer design to trap and grip the insect within its wires
  • Detachable LED torch improves visibility in dark areas


  • It only kills those mosquitoes that are visible to the eyes. Does not attract and kill mosquitoes that are hiding in the room

Why will you like this?

It enables you to kill any flying insect that bothers your living space. The detachable torch is an added feature that you can put easily when kills mosquitoes in hidden, dark corners. Its strong grip ensures that your catch doesn't fly away and the racket does not slip off your hand. You can put if for charging after every use and it will be as good as new after every charge. 

Buying guide: How to choose the best Mosquito Killer In India 2020

When you are planning to buy a mosquito killer, then we recommend you to keep an eye on the following mentioned features:

1. Size of the space: There are many types of mosquito killing machines. They cover different sizes of areas and thus their purpose, price and everything varies according to this feature only. For example, you need something compact and small for a single room in your house or office while for an open area such as a restaurant or any other public place, you will need something more effective and powerful.

2. Mode of operation and handling: If you are an ease-loving person then it is obvious that you need a device that prioritizes good performance along with the ease of operation. Also, if there are kids in the house, we need to look into that factor too. If the device is complicated to operate, you may have difficulty in attaining its best utility. Also, the maintenance and cleaning mode of the machine should be simple too. 

3. Positioning method: For small machines, it will be not very difficult to find a suitable space but for bigger appliances, we need to find a suitable place for positioning. The position has to be accurate in terms of keeping out of the reach of children and finding such spots where the mosquitoes breed in the maximum amount. So decide a suitable mosquito killer based on the positioning of the machine that you have in mind.

4. Action Mode: The mosquito repellants are available in various facets, but their main operation is based on 3 factors: electric shock, physical destruction, chemical-based killing. The third one can be responsible for producing harmful emissions for human beings to inhale. Therefore, we recommend our users to verify the mode of action of their choicest mosquito repellent so that they can make the best decision.

5. Price: Although for something as hazardous as mosquito bites no price may be too much, we understand that every person has their own budget in mind. There are a few machines that come with popular brand names and perform average while there are a few others that perform exceptionally well with a local brand back-up too. It depends, what is there in your mind. The best way is to read the reviews and recommendations before investing your hard-earned money into any product. 

6. Warranty and customer support: When you buy a warranty based-product, it ensures some kind of guarantee of the performance of the machine by the company’s end. There can be manufacturing defects in the product that you may be able to notice while using. If the product comes under warranty period you can always get it replaced for your full value of money. Also, the customer support services play an important role in ensuring that we use the product to its complete performance capability with their guidance and support. 


1. Which is the most effective mosquito killing machine in India?

A. Hygiene 40W Jumbo Flying Insect Killer UV Tube Catcher Zapper Repellent Machine works efficiently in keeping the mosquitoes under control by attracting and trapping them with the help of LED light and killing them with a shock wave. 

2. Can the bug zappers kill mosquitoes?

A. Yes. The bug zappers have proven to be very effective in killing mosquitoes to a large extent. People can use them in open and closed areas such as balcony, backyard or interiors. 

3. Is UV light effective in killing mosquitoes?

A. Most of the insects get attracted to the UV light such as Octenol mixed with carbon dioxide but it largely depends on the formation and manufacturing of the device. 

4. Are the electric mosquito killers useful?

A. Yes. The effectiveness of electric mosquito killers has been tried and tested in many open and closed spaces and they have proven to be useful. They trap and kill the mosquitoes with a shock wave without causing any harm to the environment.

5. Should install a mosquito killer in outdoors?

A. The mosquitoes usually germinate outdoors in our surroundings. If you can keep your surroundings clean and prevent them from breeding it will solve half of your problem. At the same time if you can install the mosquito killer outside it will help you in controlling their production and killing the existing ones. Also, it will prevent the mosquitoes from entering your house. 


The increasing population of mosquitoes and the spread of various diseases and virus based on their infection has caused many hazards in the entire world. We can give credit to the ever-rising pollution and deforestation for these increased health issues. At the same time, we need to find a solution to safeguard us and our family from the possible hazards of mosquito bites. Therefore, we need to buy some of the other mosquito repellents to keep them away from our homes. In recent times, we have noticed that usual spray and liquid-refill machines have become less effective on mosquitoes and more dangerous for human beings as they affect the breathing environment of our homes. But the technology has come up with various solutions that are not only safe for you and our environment but also have proven to be very effective on the physical killing of the mosquito population. Take a look at the above list of best mosquito killer machines in India and find the most suitable product for your household. 

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