Best perfume for women in India Reviews [2020]

Every woman wants to smell like fresh flowers or heavenly scents all day long! Girls simply love fantastic smells and boys know it very well. Perfumes are one of the most admired, traditional yet contemporary gifts that are exchanged between the two genders for centuries. There is a brand, elite brands, low-end brands that manufacture the best perfumes for women in India. The USP of these brands is usually the long-lasting smell that stays with people to uplift their moods and keep them energetic throughout the day. As easily the perfumes are available in the stores, as difficult it is choosing one of the best for your someone special! You need to look into various aspects before making that final purchase. So, here we bring for you- a few selected perfumes that have managed to swipe various men and women off their feet because of their fragrance and wonderful quality.

1. Calvin Klein Eternity Now Women

Calvin Klein Eternity Now Women

Calvin Klein is one of the leading lifestyle brands in the world. Its range of perfumes has been open-heartedly welcomed and owned by the people who are fond of best in class fragrances. Eternity Now offers the thrill of new romance and powerful raw emotions that make you want to start a new beginning right now. If you are a die-hard romantic person, you would simply want to wear it or make your partner be adorned with this scent when you both are next to each other.


  • Range: Eternity Now for Women
  • Scent Type: Eau de Parfum
  • It comes from flowers and juicy nectar of fruits to elude your attention towards freshness
  • Powerful and exhilarating fragrance


  • A passionate romantic and new like love occasion such as a date with your lover

2. Parisienne Perfume By Yves Saint Laurent For Women 90 ml

Parisienne Perfume By Yves Saint Laurent For Women 90 ml

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is an elite brand that produces 100% original fragrances. They vouch on the originality of their products and thus create one of the best ladies perfume in India. It comes in beautiful packaging and offers good discounts to the customers who buy online. This perfume is available in musk and sandalwood scent along with official notes of Violet, Peony and Damascus rose. The urban aromas of lacquer and vinyl just add to its personification.


  • The company offers great discounts at online buying
  • The goodness of musk and sandalwood retain throughout the day
  • Bold, urban aromas of lacquer and vinyl
  • Original and direct sale from the brand
  • Category: Eau de Parfume


  •  Formal and Official parties

3. Skinn Nude Fragrance For Women, 20ml

Skinn Nude Fragrance For Women, 20ml

Nude is a perfect summer fragrance that will make you feel agile and cheerful for the rest of the day. The sparkling blush of raspberry and lychee with the mischievousness of citrus bergamot added to the lush of rose will just set you in a mood. Musk is meant to create long-lasting impressions of romance and natural playfulness. This floral exotic bouquet rendered by sublime jasmine petals gives you a suave, soft yet powerful fragrance.


  • It is a 100 % original product by the brand Skinn, Titan
  • Can be easily carried while traveling
  • A soothing, summery fragrance with the goodness of flowers, musk, and sandalwood
  • Very affordable price range


  • Summer, casual outings or day parties

4. Engage W1 Perfume Spray For Women, 120ml

Engage W1 Perfume Spray For Women, 120ml

Inspired by feminine fragrance, Engage W1 spray comes with sensuous yet subtle white blossoms situated somewhere on a Calabrian hillside. The perfect mix of musk, amber, sea-spray and heliotrope is handpicked is mainly for making a brave and beautiful woman adorn. It helps you in creating a trail of impressions that are not only seen but also felt by the people around you.


  • It is pure form spray with no water content added to it
  • Gives long-lasting fragrance effect
  • Available in variable scents
  • Strong, sweet fragrances to uplift your mood
  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to carry a bottle


  • Can be used regularly

5. Envy Perfume For Women, 30ml

Envy Perfume For Women, 30ml

If you have been looking to change your regular perfume odor and want to break away from the routine monotony of day to day life, just give a try to Envy Perfume which is specially designed for women. Its long-lasting smell keeps your senses enchanted for many hours. It helps you in getting rid of any bad or stale body odor and helps in feeling fresh and neat every time.


  • Its strong fragrance is irresistible and attracts people towards you
  • It creates a sensation of reassurance and comfort
  • The packaging and the bottle is cute and handy
  • Long-lasting scent to keep the body odor away
  • Affordable pricing


  • Evening Cocktails and ball-room parties

6. Engage L'amante Eau De Toilette, Perfume for Women

Engage L'amante Eau De Toilette, Perfume for Women

If you want your lover to feel your freshness and exoticness, then just apply Engage L’amante to your pulse points directly. No need to rub, just let it dry in a few seconds and feel the sparkle of energy with its elegant jasmine and rose highlights. The citrus fruits added to the tinges of caramel infused with tones of sandalwood carve highly sensual aura around you.


  • Made with a cocktail of citrus fruits such as peaches and dashes of caramel along with jasmine and gentle rose
  • Very mild by nature, it can be used directly on the body parts such as the neck, pulses, etc.
  • Guarantee of originality from ITC
  • Made in France which is known to create some of the world-class perfumes.


  • For wedding, parties, meetings, dates and formal events

7. Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette For Women

Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette For Women

Nike is a sports brand and so are their fragrances- lined in tune with the mood of sporty women. Those women who know their strengths, weakness, and areas of improvement need something that can keep their moods light and spirits uplifted. Its rich notes of floral smells keep you refreshed for a long duration of hours. Even if you are sweating post-workout and need something fresh and mood fighting spirit smell, just go for Nike Up or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette for Women


  • Stays for a long time
  • Suitable for all skin types, specially designed for sporty occasions
  • Handy, travel-friendly packing in a glass bottle


  • Sports occasions, outings, picnic or adventure trips. Good for daily use as well.

8. The Perfumer Shine Perfume for Women Fresh and Fruity

The Perfumer Shine Perfume for Women Fresh and Fruity

The Perfumer Shine helps you in evading your two aspects of good and bad to merge them into a single entity of choice of fragrance. It means- this perfume suits 2 different personalities of women- sexy and impudent at the same time graceful and mysterious. Such a sensation helps you feel desirable, modern and sophisticated figure in ur social circle. You can carry it anywhere, in any mood, at any time. Let your inhibitions play and make the most out of your moments around the people.


  • The enduring scent that lasts long up to 6-8 hours
  • A strong fruity smell which is subtle and elegant
  • Steals the deal in pricing and packaging
  • One of the best perfume for girls in India


  • Everyday use, different moods, lunches, and date-outings

9. Davidoff Cool Water For Woman

Davidoff Cool Water For Woman

Davidoff Cool Water for Woman gives you an entirely new preview of the firmament of fragrances. Like a mermaid coming out of the sea, fresh like the morning dew, this perfume catches the spirit of young hearts and their vulnerable senses of smell. If you want to feel natural, flowing, emerging and creative for the entire day, just try this exuberant perfume to enroute you through your imaginations.


  • Smell inspired by fresh, juicy fruits such as watermelon and pineapple.
  • Keeps you free from unwanted odors throughout the day
  • The company promises 100% authentication


  • Day gatherings and evening parties

10. Calvin Klein Women Eau De Parfum, Pink, Woody Floral

Calvin Klein Women Eau De Parfum, Pink, Woody Floral

Calvin Klein Women has drawn its inspiration from the spirits of freedom and infinite possibilities. It reflects the character of strong, empowered women who sway in feminine enthusiasm. The delicate mix of orange petals and fresh eucalyptus create a layer of freshness on the top. A perfume that is perfect for your morning, afternoon or evening transitions of the day. You can make the head turns and noses bend to follow your smell when you walk through a crowd wearing this striking fragrance from Calvin Klein.


  • Delicate, sensual yet strong smell to keep you fresh all day long
  • Depicts the floral element of feminity with varied tones
  • The brand is known to create long-lasting perfumes for women in India
  • The promise of 100% authentication


  • Daily routine from morning to routine

Buying guide: How to Select the Best Perfume?

1. Type of scent: The first condition in finalizing the perfume that you want to buy is- what type of fragrance allures you? Do you love flowers, sandalwood, mist, fruity smells? There can be a large number of options in these categories as well. For example- you may be allergic to the smell of roses, but you adore jasmine! Since perfumes come in several types of fragrance options, you must decide what you are going to put your hands upon!

2. Ingredients: One bottle of perfume can be a mix of rich ingredients or can simply consist of one prominent scent but you must know what ingredient is being used. Some of the flowers such as roses, jasmine, lily are easily available and usually are not too expensive. At the same time, uncommon scents such as rare flowers are often pricey. Also, you must know the ingredients to understand whether the particular brand will suit you or not. Example- some people might be allergic to citrus smells while others not!
It is advisable to always read the ingredients label before purchasing your perfume.

3. Occasion: Although there is no major taboo about using perfumes for different occasions it is always interesting to use different smells for different occasions as per your selection and preferences. For example- “Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette For Women” is apt for sporty days while “Skinn Nude Fragrance For Women” is perfect for summery day outings. Most of the women love to have a wide collection of mesmerizing smells to make their presence unique and afresh in different social gatherings.

4. Weather conditions: TSome people believe in it while the others do not-that weather has to play a significant role in the type of perfume you choose to buy. Example- summers call for mild, refreshing scents while winters invite sensuous, seductive fragrances to bring people close to you.

5. Price: As we mentioned, the price of ingredients has a major role to affect the price of the perfume along with the name of the brand. There are established world-class brands that are known to address high-end customer needs only. At the same time, even low priced perfumes are known to provide value for money fragrances and satisfaction to their customers. Therefore, choose a perfume that suits your pocket and your senses of smell appropriately.


1. Does oil-based perfume last longer?

A. Yes, the oil-based perfumes tend to last longer than alcohol-based perfumes because the alcohol tends to get evaporated faster.

2. How to choose the best perfume?

A. ​​​​​Test the perfume if you can- spray on your wrist, then smell it and decide. If you are buying online, you can either test the smell at some nearby store or just know the ingredients and read reviews to decide the best purchase option.

3. Should I spray perfume on clothes or body?

A. Perfumes are supposed to be sprayed directly on the skin or the body because they are made of natural ingredients that are harmless to human skin. If you will spray perfumes on the clothes, they can get stained with watermarks. 


The list mentioned above includes some of the best perfumes for women with enduring and enticing fragrances for the whole day. You can start with purchasing one and go on to try each one of them for the entire coming year. Your fragrances are like a charismatic approach to your personality. They make you bubbly, sensuous, versatile, creative, sensible, elegant and what not! These smell just add a dimension of the attribute to your overall persona. The enchantment for smells has been there through traditions of history in every culture. In India, the smells of flowers, fruits and special types of plants have always been in demand for centuries such as sandalwood, jasmine, etc.

So, do not delay and add one more element of newness and freshness to your personality. Buy them for personal use or gifting, but stay assured that you are just contributing towards improving the texture of an environment around you by gifting any one of the above fragrances to that significant woman in your life!

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