Best pregnancy test kits in India

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys of human life. Not only does the woman who carries a life in her womb, but everyone associated with her and the new life, expect a change in different ways to accommodate a new member in the family. 

A pregnancy test kit is the first harbinger of “good news” before you set on the journey of parenting or motherhood. It is a hassle-free, convenient, complete, easy to use and most easily available way to settle down your doubts regarding the missed or delayed periods. Some women await the news of pregnancy while others are just not ready to move on to the next level of motherhood in life. In both cases, a reliable pregnancy test kit can help you in deciding the further foot walk. 

In India, various medical brands have come up with their pregnancy test kits however, we bring forth to you the most preferred, reliable and result oriented pregnancy test kits to choose from! So here are our top picks in best pregnancy test kit in India:

1. I-Know Ovulation Strip

I-Know Ovulation Strip

This is one step ahead of ordinary pregnancy test kits. This kit will help you in learning your exact ovulation time. For those who are looking forward to getting pregnant at the earliest, this kit is going to help them in getting to know when they ovulate and thus create the best chances to conceive. 

The kit works on the regulation of a hormone called “luteinizing hormone” which is present in the urine of females. This hormone increases to significant levels while they are in the mid of menstrual cycle. With these strips you can detect the surge in the hormone level and thus get to know of the days of a month when you are most fertile and have better chances of conceiving. 

The kit consists of a test device, one dropper, and 5 strips insert.  You have to start checking on 11th day of your 28 days cycle. 


  • The results are found to be accurate in maximum cases
  • Easy to use
  • 5 strips to keep a track of most fertile days in the periods
  • Increases chances of getting pregnant in the most natural ways
  • You can control your mood swings and their effects by knowing the days of ovulation in a month
  • Saves the time of couples who keep on trying for months on the wrong days in order to conceive


  • May not work well if your cycle is not regular
  • Expensive 

Why will you like this?

The women mostly adore this product because it saves them a lot of time, worries and anxiety. When you know the most fertile days of your cycle, you can plan your efforts accordingly. There are a large number of happy mothers who have been able to conceive in a short period of time having known the exact days of ovulation. 

2. Neclife Get news One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test

Neclife Get news One Step Urine Hcg Pregnancy Test

This product is developed using American modern technology. This pregnancy test kit has got approval from first ISO and CE to ensure the best standards. The test ensures high rates of accuracy in about 5 minutes only. The company promises 99.9 percent accuracy in detecting pregnancy tests. 

The kit consists of one dropper and one desiccant. 


  • 99.9% accurate results guaranteed for early detection of pregnancy
  • Reasonably priced product
  • International certification to ensure maximum quality standards


  • You must follow instructions properly to ensure the accuracy of results
  • The kit can be used only once for testing and thus does not offer reusable pregnancy test options. However, it ensures better hygiene standards too. 

Why will you like this?

This pregnancy test has been used by women all over the country to bring in the positive news confirmation of pregnancy. Get news is easy to use strip and helps in getting results with 2-3 drops of urine. It helps in detecting the result of pregnancy by determining the HCG hormone in the urine of females. 

3. Mankind Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Mankind Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Mankind pregnancy test kit is a renowned brand in this field. The product has been widely acclaimed and known to deliver accurate results in maximum cases. The usage is very easy pertaining to this brand kit too. You can bring in the good news using this pregnancy test at home itself. 


  • One of the best-reviewed pregnancy test kits
  • Can be used and monitored very easily if followed proper instructions
  • Reasonably priced
  • The product delivers accuracy as it comes from a well-known pharmacy brand


  • The results can be inaccurate if the methodical instructions are not followed properly
  • One kit can be used only once

Why will you like this?

This is a decently priced product which gives the best accuracy if used by following proper instructions. You need not visit a doctor to conduct this test. Even the doctors have recommended this test to their patients who visited them with a doubt of pregnancy confirmation. It is known that most of the kits are not reusable pregnancy tests but this pack has 2 kits at very affordable price. It means if your results do not come with first test or maybe you have not followed the instructions properly in the first go, you still have a second kit to test again.

4. Leeford Prega Bless Pack Of 3 Pregnancy Test Kit

Leeford Prega Bless Pack Of 3 Pregnancy Test Kit

Leeford Prega Bless is a brand that offers 3 pregnancy test kits in one. It is a great deal for those couples who are awaiting the good news and have been trying to conceive over a few months. Instead of going to the chemist shop and spending one pregnancy test kit every month, LEEFORD offers a great deal with the package of 3. One kit can be used only once for every type of pregnancy test kits. This pack contains 3 such kits in a very affordable price range. 

The kit has been medically tested and recommended. It measures the test above the minimum HCG value of 25 mIU/ml. 


  • A simple method of using the strips makes it a preferred choice
  • A good deal at GREAT PRICE
  • For newly married couples who keep on recurring doubts of pregnancy with every missed period, it is a great offer
  • The test is easy to detect 


  • You might not need the pack of 3 if you have already conceived in the first attempt

Why will you like this?

You will find it very economical deal which almost saves you the cost of one complete kit while buying a pack of 3. Leeford Prega kit is medically tested and thus can be used as one of the most reliable pregnancy tests at home with many conveniences. In case you have missed the periods due to hormonal changes then such kits help in ensuring you of “yes or no pregnancy”. Thus, it is one of the best deals in pregnancy test kits. Kindly notice that it is not one of the reusable pregnancy tests however it contains 3 kits to ensure the results if you may doubt the first time outputs. 

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