Best Whey Protein in India Reviews [2020]

Whey Protein is known to consist of all 9 amino acids that are essential to boost good health. For the people who are conscious about their health and well being, and invest quality time in the gym and other workouts, whey protein is an essential part of the diet. It helps in recovering the muscles and giving them tangible development and growth. It contributes significantly to gaining a good visible physical structure of the human body when paired with the right amount of workout. Even the athletes and the other sportspersons do not hesitate in taking benefits from whey protein as it significantly increases the protein content in the diet which is essential for the development and healthy growth of the muscles.

These days a wide range of whey proteins are available and you need to pick up the best whey protein in India to get benefitted and attain completely healthy nutrients from it. We are bringing 10 well-known brands of Whey Protein in India that have been bought and reviewed by the customers through their own experience.

1. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs (Chocolate Creme)

Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs (Chocolate Creme)

This is one of the best selling protein products in India as it supports gaining good muscle mass and losing fat which gets deposited on the tires. Protein aids in increasing metabolism and thus, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein is considered to be one of the best whey protein supplements in India. It consists of amino acids that are conducive to muscle building and gaining good health momentum. This product complies with FSSAI regulations and contains 6 g BCAAs and 25g proteins in each serving. It acts as a perfect antioxidant for your body and gives a boost to your immune system if taken regularly.


  • Many flavors available in the same brand, chocolate crème is most adorned
  • Each serving is rich with 25 gm protein and 6 gm BCAAs
  • Helps in toning muscles and losing the excessive fat
  • Boosts immunity and serves as a good antioxidant for your body
  • 100% Whey Protein


  • A few customers found it bit on the sweeter side in taste. So the liking of the taste may vary from person to person.

Why will you like this?

Whey Protein not only helps in toning the muscles but also in getting rid of the extra fat. However, you need to club it with proper exercises. This is a high-quality Whey Protein concentrate and known to add significant benefits to your health and physical well being. 

2. MuscleXP Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Powder With Digestive Enzymes

MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein New Gold Standards - 330 g (Pack of 10, Cafe Mocha)

MuscleXP Raw is a highly absorbable protein source and gets digested quickly. It works in a very effective way to build the muscles and enhance the composition of your body. It aids your body in getting recovered from muscle tension and wear and tear. MuscleXP Raw is a US-based brand and is marketed as a soy-free, sugar-free, antibiotic-free and gluten-free product. It's every serving consists of 24 g Proteins, 3 g Carbohydrates, 1.5 g fat, and 5.4 g BCCAs.


  • Easily digestible
  • Neutral in taste and thus is sugar-free, gluten-free
  • Every scoop consists of 80 g pure Whey protein per serving of 100 g


  • Its fat concentrate is a bit higher than other products.

Why will you like this?

MuscleXP Raw is a brand from the US that is packed in India maintaining high standards of quality and assurance. Its sugar-free and gluten-free nature is going to benefit your health in many ways. Although it is neutral in taste but can be consumed on a daily basis post-workout to maintain good health and strength.

3. Myfitfuel Mff Whey Protein 90 Isolate (Unflavored, 1 Kg / 2.2 Lb) 30 Servings

Myfitfuel Mff Whey Protein 90 Isolate (Unflavored, 1 Kg / 2.2 Lb) 30 Servings

This protein concentrate is going to meet your budgetary constraints along with providing supplements of good health and nutrition. Myfitfuel Mff is made 90% from grass-fed cow milk and consists of very low amounts of fat and carbohydrates. It gets digested very quickly and gets absorbed very easily on consumption. The lactose levels are almost negligent and thus it comprises to form the best sources of protein for lactose intolerant people as well. The un-flavored variant provides up to 6.3 gm BCAA and 4.5 g Glutamine in each serving.


  • Contains negligible lactose to suit the lactose-intolerant people
  • 90% protein drawn from grass-fed cow milk
  • No additional thickeners, no Taurine, no artificial flavor, no sugar, no color, etc.
  • Available in 2 variants of taste
  • Very cost-effective


  • The unflavored version is considered best for health but quite tasteless to consume

Why will you like this?

Buy Myfitfuel MFF for all the reasons for consuming the best quality protein in your daily diet. You can consume it with water to attain lean muscles and reduce the count of overall calorie intake in your daily diet. At the same time if you want to achieve weight gain to tone up your muscles then consume it with milk to add some calories. It is a pure Whey Protein Isolate with no additional calories added to it.

4. DREXSPORT - Wild Whey - Organic, Grass-fed Whey Protein Powder for Men and Women

DREXSPORT - Wild Whey - Organic, Grass-fed Whey Protein Powder for Men and Women

This Whey Protein DREXSPORT is specially designed with the best of ingredients and result oriented formula. It has a pleasant smell with a decent taste unlike many other bland versions of the protein. Its benefits range from maintaining weight loss and lean muscle to be valuable for our skin, hair, and bones. By drinking this protein you will feel energetic and ready to take up the activities of the day in full swing. Also, the Wild Whey ingredient helps in boosting the immunity of the body which is very essential in living a healthy, compassionate life. 


  • Gets mixed easily
  • Does not cause any foam
  • It has a pleasant smell and delicious taste
  • There are no artificial ingredients added to the protein mix
  • DREXSPORT does not involve any third-party sellers so the authentication is guaranteed
  • Tested by renowned labs


  • A bit expensive in price

Why will you like this?

Although this brand DREXSPORT is not visible in many advertisements, yet it is finding subtle market outreach and growth through word of mouth that makes it one of the best whey protein supplements in India. The best part is that it is an Amazon registered brand and does not include any third-party sellers, thus, one can rest assured about the quality and authentication. Its main ingredient is Wild Whey which is considered beneficial for overall health and weight loss.

5. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Unflavored - 1Kg


If you want to buy soy-free protein powder, then AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate80% is one of the best available options. It does not contain any additives, artificial flavors or preservatives too. It consists of high protein concentrates that assist you in gaining lean muscles as well. Each serving consists of 24 g proteins and 5.4 g BCAAs. It is very suitable for anyone who wants to gain healthy fat loss through proper diet and workout.


  • It helps in gaining and toning lean muscles aiding your efforts of physical workouts.
  • No filters or preservatives to ensure protein is provided in its original form with maximum nutrients
  • Very economical in price
  • Every serving consist of around 80% protein


  • Unflavored in nature and thus does not taste great. The consumer can add the flavor as per choice.

Why will you like this?

You can make various exotic recipes of protein shakes using this AS-IT-IS Whey Protein concentrate. What makes it one of the best whey protein powders in India is its purity that has been proven by various lab tests that it undergoes and the richness in BCAA content. It is free from artificial sweeteners, enzymes, gluten, and preservatives to make it suffice its purpose in most healthy ways.

6. MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% with added digestive enzymes

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 80% with added digestive enzymes 

MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein Concentrate is one of the most sought after brands of Proteins. It has variants that you will definitely find in any list of top 10 whey protein in India. This protein supplement comes in an unflavored variant that gives the customer the freedom to mix it with any flavor of choice. Every serving consists of 24 g protein and 5.2 BCAA which is very useful for muscle gain and synthesis. It helps in building up lean muscles and speeds up the recovery of muscles’ wear and tear that generally occurs due to exercising.


  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • Effective in building up lean muscles and enhances their recovery too.
  • Goes through minimal processing to ensure that maximum nutrients are retained in their original form
  • Undergoes many tests for ascertaining purity and quality of Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Comes in an affordable price range


  • It is unflavored, therefore, a little difficult to drink with one whole glass of liquid

Why will you like this?

It is one of the most preferred Whey Protein Supplement brands in India. MuscleBlaze easily gets mixed in the water as well as milk to give you the best results. If you will combine it with proper workout and exercise then you can attain the desired results in a very short span of time.

7. Powerus Raw Whey Protein Powder 1Kg | 80% Concentrate Whey 

Powerus Raw Whey Protein Powder 1Kg | 80% Concentrate Whey 

Powerus promises to set up a benchmark of performance for the competitor protein supplements that are available in the market. It comes with neutral, unflavored taste allowing the consumers to add any flavor they like while drinking it. It is free from artificial sweeteners and thus healthy in its composition. If you will see the price, you would want to grab it immediately.


  • Unflavored does not contain any sweeteners
  • Highly effective with 24g protein for muscle gain
  • Helps in building lean muscle mass and integrates recovery and muscle loss
  • Very optimally priced, affordable


  • There is no mention of quality certification
  • No information regarding BCAAs and amino acids

Why will you like this?

The best thing about this product is its 24 g protein content comes in the amazing price range and even better packing. Although the customer demand for lab-tested certifications, the company has mentioned 80% raw whey which is extremely useful for consumption. There are no additives, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives into it. Its neutral flavor which is a bit milky in taste is also highly admired by those who do not want to make it sweet. 

8. Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Peptides & Isolate 

Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein Peptides & Isolate 

Have you ever seen a protein supplement available in around 15 different flavors? There is a whole lot of taste to explore with Muscletech Performance Series Nitrotech Whey Protein. This formula is scientifically tested and engineered with the most researched form of creatine that adds strength to muscles. Each scoop is aimed at adding muscle protein synthesis to increase your muscle size gradually. The label states 100% real protein which is recommended to be used as a food supplement on a regular basis.


  • Contain protein which is primarily sourced from whey protein isolate- purest sources of protein
  • Adds to strength, more muscle, and enhanced performance
  • Designed primarily for athletes
  • Available in approximately 15 variants of taste
  • Trustworthy brand quality


  • Expensive price range

Why will you like this?

If you want to add a healthy supplement to your daily diet which comes with great tastefulness too, then you should invest in MuscleTech NitroTech. Considering the varieties and performance, it will be not wrong to be counted as one among the best protein powders in India. Nitro-tech ensures quality and high standards of purity which are tested in a third-party lab. A little expensive, this protein powder is worthy of buying given to its high health standards.

9. Advance MuscleMass Whey Protein Supplement Powder

Advance MuscleMass Whey Protein Supplement Powder

Advance MuscleMass is one of the bestselling protein supplements in India. Its formulation is specifically designed for those who are consistent in their hardcore workouts and bodybuilding exercises. Its composition consists of 25 g proteins and 5.5 g BCAA content which makes it one of the best in its category. The Whey used to formulate this protein is manufactured in the USA to ensure international standards of protein quality. The Whey protein concentrate is the major ingredient of this supplement which is considered to be the primary source of protein.


  • Great taste, chocolate flavor
  • Each serving consists of 25 g Whey protein and 5.5 g BCAAs.
  • Consists of Whey Protein concentrate as one of the major ingredients which are available in soy
  • Fast synthesis of muscles and faster recovery
  • Helps in reducing body weight and gaining lean muscle mass with added strength
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some customers found it to be heavy with a thick consistency

Why will you like this?

Advance MuscleMass is formulated for gym-goers to fulfilling their post-workout requirements. There is no added sugar and each scoop consists of around 76% protein which is essential for the recovery of muscles and their healthy growth. This protein supplement is ideal for both men and women and provides benefits of Whey Protein Concentrate which is the primary source of protein. The chocolate flavor just adds to the various reasons why one should buy this health supplement for daily consumption.

10. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder 

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

Another protein supplement which is available in more than 10 varieties of flavors! One of the established brands, trustworthy, admired and accepted by customers Optimum Nutrition, popularly known as ON, consists of 24 g proteins per serving. Its main ingredient is the Whey Protein Isolates. It has 5 gm of naturally occurring BCAAs and around 4 gm of glutamine and glutamic acid in each serving. ON offers one of the superior quality protein health supplements to the buyers with fine details of attention on quantity and quality. 


  • Available in more than 10 flavors
  • Consists of Whey Protein Isolates as the main ingredient
  • Gets mixed easily using a shaker or even with a spoon and glass
  • Each serving packed with 24 g protein and 5 g BCAAs
  • Amino acids help in enhancing the muscle protein synthesis
  • Best for consumption as the first thing in the morning or before/after workouts


  • Very expensive

Why will you like this?

ON is one of the well-known brands in the protein health supplements market segment. It is highly-priced and justified because of the Whey Protein Isolates which are usually on the costlier side. However, their health benefits are more than the money involved. This is the reason the brand carried Gold Standard 100% Whey Label. ON has been serving the market largely for its authentic and superior quality protein best suited for gym-goers and athletes. 

Buying guide:Things to keep in mind while buying Whey Protein Health Supplements

There are a lot of companies that manufacture Whey Protein in India and abroad. Thus, for a consumer who is going to adopt this new lifestyle product, it becomes really confusing to decide on the best product. Whey Protein is the most effective in its purest forms and thus it is important that the buyers look for the right ingredients mix and a comprehensive price to buy their own Whey Protein. Our buying guide is meant to acquaint you with this knowledge on a broader scale:

1. Ingredients:As mentioned above, ingredients are the most important aspect while deciding to pick your Whey Protein Powder. As a buyer, we must know that some protein powders are aimed at gaining fat (mass) while others are to fulfill the nutrition deficiency too. You must be aware of your needs, check the ingredients and then only invest hard-earned money on it. Original and pure forms of protein powders are good for overall health requirements. It consists of pure isolates of Whey Protein Concentrates and the chain of the amino acid as essential ingredients. So check for these ingredients and choose a protein powder that does not add to the carbohydrate and fat portion in your food rather makes it rich in protein content.

2. Quality: There can be various replicas of reputed brands that manufacture protein in the market. Be aware of the best brands that have been tried and tested by various customers and recommended by workout experts and physical trainers. Good brands that assure you high quality of protein are going to benefit in the long term. Especially when you are feeding nutrition-specific food to your body, make no compromises at all. Buy the best brands and try to stick to them for a long time to see the results.
3. Flavors: Choose a flavor that best suits your taste buds. At times people do not like the taste of bland protein and thus the companies have come up with flavors to enhance their tastes and make it easy for consumers to take protein. However, if your choicest flavor consists of too much-added sugar then please take a note of it.


1. Is Whey Protein better than regular protein?

A. Whey Protein consists of essential amino acids and has better digestive abilities. This is the reason that it is considered better than regular protein powders.

2. What is Whey Protein?

A. ​​​​​The protein contained in Whey is known as Whey protein. It is the watery part of the milk that gets separated from the curd when you are making cheese. It is the kind of protein that contributes to increased athletic performance and adds to the strength.

3. What are the benefits of protein powder?

A. Protein helps in building muscles and developing the repair tissues. It makes the enzymes and reiterates the growth of hormones. Thereby, it leads in toning of the muscles and if taken properly with a balanced diet and workout, it helps in weight loss too.

4. Which is the best protein powder?

A. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein - 5.28 lbs (Chocolate Creme)


This is our list of best Whey Protein Supplements available in India. You can choose any product that fits your budget, liking and suffices our needs. Protein is an essential health nutrient that must become an integrative part of the diet as we grow in age and activities. If you want to get more details on how to find the best protein and what things should be kept in mind while purchasing Protein health supplement then do not forget to go through our buying guide section. 

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