How Can You Keep Your Mind Relaxed During Pregnancy?

Be at ease. Pregnancy comes along hands in hands with stress. Being pregnant drains a lot of energy not only physically but emotionally as well.

What they don’t realise is that stress during pregnancy negatively affects our health as well as the growth of our premature baby in the womb. We- the women think a lot about the events and incidents in our day to day life, the changes that we go through, the expectations of our loved ones and the worries related to baby and its well being. There are so many factors that add on to give a stressful life during the pregnancy period. And therefore, you must read this information. In this article I am going to provide you with some useful tips to beat the stress like a pro! It is my personal experience that if you start working on being stress-free, gradually it will become a routine inclination towards being happy. When I was pregnant I knew one thing that I want my child to be a happy child and this is one character trait that you would also love to impart to your child in the womb. Wont you?

So, let us go ahead and know the simple things that can work magic on our mood when we need it the most:

  • Pen down the reasons of stress:

At times it is just hormonal imbalance that gets triggered due to some unpleasant happening around us during pregnancy that aggravates stress. A very congenial thing to figure out what is the solution is to find the problem itself. Yes, stress during pregnancy comes and stays for longer than it is meant to be because it sinks into our behaviour. Therefore, it will be better if we can write down the causes of stress. This practice will help us in identifying the redundant causes that bother us. Also it will practically charge us towards finding the solutions of our problems. Many times I have personally realized that when I write down my issues on a paper, half of them appear useless while they were causing major upsetting of my mood. Try it out! It will certainly solve half the problem! Let’s move on to read further for the rest of them all.

  • Think about your baby as the priority:

There are certain problems in our lives that do not come with a visible solution. At times we need to give ‘time’ to things to let them get settled. However, awareness of this fact also doesn’t save us from getting stressed out. For example- you cannot help the changes that your body and your relationships go through during pregnancy, you cannot change the way certain people look at pregnant women even if you like it or not, you cannot help if someone unpleasant relative comes over to live in your house and starts irritating you. Well, these are irritable factors undoubtedly but ONLY UNTIL you put forth your priorities over these small things. Yes, while being pregnant all you have to think is to keep your child healthy and safe. Therefore, avoid stress during pregnancy and avoid everything that is not in your control. Just focus on your baby. Relax as much as you can and try to create positive vibes within yourself. If anything seems stuck in your mind, just take a pause and look at your bump and think- it is only a matter of few days and you only can choose to make it better.

  • Eat healthy and yummy food:

It seems to be the first instruction that is given to a pregnant girl that she should eat healthy. Healthy food helps in fulfilling any deficiencies and helps in the proper growth of body parts of your baby. You just have to ensure that whatever you eat should help you in achieving good health. However, you do not have to strive on sprouts and soya chunks for your dietary requirements now. As you grow in pregnancy keep giving yourself small delicious treats of the food that suits your taste buds. There is a popular saying-

“Good Food sets Good Mood”- let it work for you too. Whenever you feel stressed out, eat something nutritious and delicious. These days the healthy recipes have been superfluously reinvented in such ways that they do not taste boring anymore. Look for our super-yummy recipes of healthy foods that may help you to deal with nausea here.

Also, drink lots of water. Water helps in flushing out toxins and negative elements that may cause our hormones to panic. Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated throughout the day.

  • Practice yoga and meditation for stress during pregnancy and good health:

Pregnancy is the period when a lady must reconcile with her spiritual being more than ever. You are no more focussed on paying attention to those extra a few pounds that might start reflecting from your dresses. You have 9 months to improve your mental health when you can set your mind to originate peaceful waves and thinking patterns. Most of the people I meet have a natural tendency to think negatively when they are alone or lost in thoughts. We need to inculcate the practice to be mindful, peaceful and happy.

Yoga helps in raising your conscience and connecting with your higher self through your body. Try out some comfortable postures and try to hold yourself in those positions for a few seconds as per your comfort. Let the oxygen reach your lungs fully with long, deep breaths. Do not push yourself into some rigorous workouts. This is not a practice to lose weight. It is just the time to rejoice the flexibility in your joints, body and letting the oxygen to reach the right pathways.

Another mode of practicing mindfulness is to sit down and listen to the sounds of nature- the birds that sing, the rain drops, the sound of air etc.

Practice meditation and try to bring focus to one point. Think about your baby and imagine holding him/her in your hands. This will help you in finding peace with the stress causing elements in your life. There are various forms of meditation that help in leading a peaceful life. Read our article on meditation and yoga practices that can be really helpful for pregnant women.

  • Sleep well and take good amount of rest:

Your body is the temple especially when you are pregnant you are inseminating the most amazing form of creativity- a human life form. Listen to its needs and pamper it within all your means. When you get tired, leave every important work to the future and take rest. Never ever stress yourself out to exhaustion. If there is so much important task coming over, try to segregate it or to distribute some of the duties. If you are dealing with long working hours try to inculcate small breaks in between the work. You can always talk to the management about your condition so that they can lend you the required support. Stress can be the resultant of a tired and weakened body therefore I personally recommend that being pregnant, ‘rest’ should be your topmost concern and not the chores.

  • Share your concerns:

One of the best ways to beat the stress is to talk it out. And who does it better than women, isn’t it! …lol! On a serious note when you feel stressed out due to anything related to pregnancy or some personal or professional issues in life, you must not keep it to yourself. Be assured everyone who loves you is going to lend you an ear of understanding and listening. You can always turn to some trustworthy friends as well who will lend you great advices and provide you with the reasons to laugh out the biggest of problems with their silly jokes. Include your partner in your journey by sharing your problems and let him participate in making the path comfortable for you. My husband speaks very less and I ended up thinking initially that he is not interested in my conversations. With time and experience I had learnt that he wants me to talk and share concerns because he appears happier when he gives solutions to my problems. He feels accomplished. A man as a husband and father may not be very expressive but I am sure they are willing to get some opportunities to be inclusive in the journey of parenthood. It is as big deal for them as for us! Many of you will agree with me on this.

  • Watch light hearted comedy and listen to happy songs:

Well, nobody gave me this advice. In fact I was told to listen to ‘sacred’ versions and ‘peaceful’ chants to make my child calm and composed. I found it on my own that I should do what makes me happy and laugh more. Instead of watching some long horror, tensed TV shows filled with the stories of betrayal and sadness, I chose to watch comedy shows. It used to make my mood lighter. I found myself cracking jokes more often. Even though my husband was away for the first 5 months of my pregnancy and I was the only woman living in a 3.5 bhk accommodation on an island (in community), my choices of TV shows and series never let me down- not even for a single day I felt helpless, lonely or sad. I did not give into the stress during pregnancy. I would listen to good songs, go for a walk and watch some light hearted series that would always make me see at the brighter side of things. And the result was good- my husband was proud of me and still is- for holding the fort in his absence.

I believe life is very precious. We get it only once and we only must decide whether how we want the moments to pass. Stress can come uninvited but what takes efforts is to be happy. If that is the challenge you are facing as a mother, next time just remember that a happy mother yields a happy child. You are the one who would do anything to protect your child from all sorts of monsters. Beat the stress at its core.

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