New Moms and their Problems:

Life moves so fast these days that often we forget the problems that new moms face!

We tend to ignore her struggles with the new form of life she has attained. People in fact get judgemental and only notice “how the baby is doing”. We forget the new mom is suffering and enduring the pain for feeding the baby. She must have never felt such pain ever before- the stitches healing problems, feeding problems, constipation and what not.

Each woman goes through this phase and at the end of this phase, she comes out strong and stable! But does someone know about her struggle? Her life actually goes through 360 degree change. The change she thought will be easy to cope up with which really is not!

She has to take care of her baby at the same time her body gets extremely tired and needs rest.

Through this article, we are trying to address the concerns of all those new moms who are striving hard to bring a healthy balance in their lives:

Do not miss massage:

Women, who undergo c section, face numbness around the area of surgery. The women who go through normal delivery also face issues with tummy bulging and stress. Such problems can be cured through proper massage. So make sure, you find someone who can give you soothing massage for at least 15-20 days after delivery.

Do not fret over feeding issues:

Feeding is considered a big taboo with new moms. But you really do not need to worry about it. Just a matter of time and the doctors can help you with it.

Breast pump works well in case you are getting little supply and take cumin supplements that enhance the feed. 

Give time to your stitches to heal:

Usually it takes a week to get stitches cut but care afterwards makes you fully recover from the operation (in case of c section). Doctors suggest rest up to 12 weeks but it depends on your body and circumstances. How much rest you get and how well is your body coping with it.  Cut has to be washed and some anti-sceptic must be applied to it to avoid any kind of infection after every bath. 

Get your Thyroid Checked:

Women should get their normal check-ups done in time.  Thyroid is a commonly occurred ailment in many new mothers. It makes the weight loss difficult post delivery. The condition can be cured through proper treatment. Once it comes to normal, maintain the healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and walk.

Dealing with Back Pain:

Women suffer from back pain usually when they have to sit for long hours for feeding the baby or when you don’t get enough sleep. You have to sleep when baby takes a nap during day time. It makes you feel fresh. You need to sit straight while feeding the baby. Keep a pillow for support. Various exercise for back pains are often recommended like bending backwards and then coming again to straight position. Doctor should be consulted before trying any new exercise. 


Post birth most women face this problem.  To avoid this condition take a lot of salad and walk at least half an hour a day.   New moms need time to adjust themselves to the baby’s schedule. They should be respected for their decisions about their baby. The journey is no doubt difficult especially when the support is lesser around you, but you can sail through it with proper guidance and care.

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