One Life

When sleeping looks like wastage of time… you wake up then! It is then that you decide what it is that gives you peace.

Finding motivation outside is not the real thing. It has to be in you that will one day take you to the right place- your calling! Expecting the miracles may not be wrong but stopping the efforts is just not right.

My Dad often used to tell me- “some are born intelligent and lucky while there are others who have to work hard to achieve it all. Choose the second path, it doesn’t ditch and it gives more contentment to life”. Well, success is not defined, I am not successful if money or ranks or positions are called success! To me I will be successful the day I will be contended of what I do.

You will not know what you deserve unless you search for it. Look out for something positive around and put the stakes of your hope onto it. Keep testing your strengths and challenging your weaknesses until your time arrives. You know the life has its phases and turns but it comes full circle. So prepare yourself for the time when it will be on your stride.

We always get options in every situation- either deviate or concentrate. Obviously to stay focused without the aim is not possible. But only YOU can find your AIM. Keep looking, keep enjoying the search and keep trying for achieving what is yours. Chin up, dress up and make up to hear the knock of the good times for faith has driven millions and miracles happen to those who believe! …………………… and even if they do not happen, you make your own MIRACLE. ONE LIFE.

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I am a vlogger, an enthusiast, and an independent person who derives satisfaction from my work. Vthewomen is my personal initiative to help smart shoppers to make better buying decisions especially regarding things which are essential in daily life.