Travelling with Baby?- Your Checklist is Here!

Travelling with a baby is no more a taboo! Gone are the days when our grandmothers and aunties would tell us to “Stay At Home, Coz U R A Mom”. Well, the modern women are defying the age old concepts of locking themselves in a cocoon because of a little love filled baby in their arms. Instead they are travelling the world, enjoying the life and making the baby see the world with them. There are changing perspectives these days everywhere. Not only it changes their own mood but they also make their little one considerably adaptable and travel freak partner that adds much more to their fun element. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your little baby enjoying the good things in life with you- you feel empowered as a mother! 

As a writer I am pleased to tell that my little one has always travelled with me (mostly only me and him) and boarded more than 15 flights until when he is just 2 years and 4 months J and that includes one trip abroad! He is my support, my pride and my constant source of strength!

So I would like to share a few things that I always carry with me when I am travelling with him. It must help simplify the jobs of many other women who are as fonder of going around the places as me. So here is your travel checklist with babies and small kids:

  • Just enough clothing: Take sufficient amount of clothes for your little one. It doesn’t mean that you have to pack everything in the closet. Just 5-6 pairs are more than enough. You can always wash and reuse them.
  • Diapers
  • Nail-cutter  
  • Baby’s bathroom essentials: In my case I use Himalaya baby bath for him that serves the purpose of shampoo and soap while travelling.
  • tooth brush,
  • tooth paste
  • moisturising cream
  • Vaseline petroleum jelly
  • Wet Tissues are always a saviour
  • Milton bottle- for carrying warm water or milk as required
  • A wide Tiffin box that can serve as a plate in the times of need
  • Just enough Ready to eat (cerelac or ceregrow depending on the age)
  • Baby’s favourite cookies (if travelling out of country- you never know your child may not like the taste of anything new)
  • Rice, Moong dal (for khichdi), poha or oatmeal (you can always make them in electric kettle that you always get in hotel rooms- contact me through comments on how to make them with ease or if you suggest I don’t mind writing an article on that too)
  • If possible some milk powder or supplement
  • Some empty polythene covers
  • Socks and shoes  – try to carry 3-4 pairs of socks and at least 2 pairs of shoes if travelling in winter
  • Mittens/Gloves and Caps
  • Baby slippers or crocs
  • Pram or stroller
  • Some essential Toys such as colours (pencil or wax crayons) and colouring books, clay dough, some musical toy, writing board, building clocks, puzzles etc.
  • Take an iPad or load your phone with some rhymes that may help you during the flight or journey when child doesn’t seem to be eating or settling down in a normal way. However I strictly advise to limit the usage of these gadgets as much as possible. You can instead try to talk to your child and let him wander all through the flight. Doesn’t matter what others may think of you or him- just see the gleam in their eyes when they meet a smile of unknown face J
  • Sufficient medicines for the baby (and parents too- infection shouldn’t lead to another as much possible). Especially small bottles of honey and baby rub will be much useful during change of place and climatic conditions. Also make sure you have some bandage strips too.
  •  A mild detergent soap- with kids you always need to wash their clothes frequently and you are going to need this one if planning a long trip with limited clothes
  • Scotch-Brite Cleaning Pad- Yes! It may sound funny but you will appreciate yourself for taking this small piece of cleaning pad. Keeping the utensils of your baby clean is always going to be on your mind if you are budget travelling.
  • If your travel is scheduled by flight into some country abroad do not hesitate in taking varieties of food in expectable quantity especially for the baby. Life becomes much simpler when you know you do not have to “look out” for some healthy food for your little one outside. Clothes and snacks for adults can easily be bought from anywhere in the world but our eating habits decide our health and well being especially in case of kids.

These are my essentials that I believe are going to help many of us in re-confirming their own travel check list. Next time you travel- make sure you have ticked the list here! Happy Journey

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